The majority of the handymen, contractors, tradesmen, and workmen have a choice to go for the kind of hammer they utilise at the time they happen to work on some project. They very frequently opt for various kinds of hammers that depend on whether they are demolishing, building, or finishing. It is also much probable that you already have chosen the hammer for various jobs, but it will be befitting to tell you something about the benefits of utilising a titanium hammer in place of steel one.

Some reasons that make the titanium hammer the best pick

Titanium hammers tend to be lightweight and easy to use

A titanium hammer tends to be light in weight as compared to a steel hammer; hence you are capable of striking in a nail very quickly because you happen not to use an extremely heavy hammer. You are needed just to make some swings while using a titanium hammer due to the rate relating to energy transfer; therefore it will not make you get tired rapidly as a steel hammer will make you feel exhausted. If there is any doubt in your mind, carry out an experiment and the outcome will tell everything which hammer manufacturers In India will ensure.


Titanium hammers possess holding slits plus claws as any steel hammer has. As a result, you will not have to sacrifice those minor conveniences in case you choose to make use of a titanium hammer. Every person is well-familiar with the worth of being capable of taking out crooked nails and then hit them in just as your plan.

Energy transfer with effectiveness

As already mentioned above how you are able to swing any titanium hammer fewer times in comparison to a steel hammer and complete your work with swiftness. The reason working behind it is that you happen to make use of ninety-seven per cent of the hammer swing energy while driving in a nail. As you make use of a steel hammer, merely seventy per cent of the swing will be used for striking in a nail.

Handle material choices

In case you shift to the titanium hammer exporters in India, do not panic about sacrificing your preferred handle of the hammer. The titanium hammers can be found with three kinds of handles which may take in thermoplastic rubber, wood, and fibre-glass. The thumb rule for picking the better handle needed for your titanium hammer can be said to go for the type of handle that is comfortable to you.

You can see the steel hammer is still in use

You do not require worrying about being laughed at your job site in case you happen to use a steel hammer. A number of people still like to use steel hammer in place of a titanium hammer for demolition due to the reason of their being lightweight. Any steel hammer tends to be approximately forty-five per cent heavy as compared to any comparable titanium hammer. Remember, it is not necessary that having a heavy thing for the process of demolition will yield the best results.

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