Baseball is regarded as the national pastime of the United States. It is considered as the pastime as it became an extremely prevalent sport following the end of the Civil War in 1865. In the 19th and 20th century it became the most widely played and watched sport in America.

Like any other sports, baseball also has certain rules that need to be followed. Alexander Potoczak is a resident of Ohio and is a former college baseball player. He has played for Hamilton College in the New England Small College Athletic Conference. Alexander is a genius in this sport and thus he offers few tips that would assist a budding talent to improve. He states that tips on hitting slumps is the most important tips that a player can get:

In order to avoid slumps develop a full proof plan to hit in a better way. Three main types of slumps are there which the player should identify:

  • Mechanical slump: This can be caused due to the mechanism of your swing. This can be avoided by go back to the fundamentals of hitting and practice them on a daily basis. Wait for the ball by keeping your hips and front shoulder backward. Refrain from shaking your head.
  • Tough luck slumps: This hit spot on at players numerous times in a row. This slump is considered as the most irritating one as you can have your mechanism down, your self-confidence active and drill the ball straight at someone numerous times in a row. This can be overcome simply by being patient and by working hard.
  • Mental slumps: This can be caused due to the loss of confidence and assurance. You should take a respite and keep your mind free from stress. Do not doubt your own hitting skills. This game will offer you lot of chances so in case you have messed up the entire thing, do not worry as you will be getting another chance to prove yourself.

However, Alexander states that anyone who plays this game long enough is guaranteed to contract in a hitting slump. However those who are expert and have experience are better capable to identify the slump and find a way out fast. Also, it is important to remember that pitchers are always in search of way to get you out, so they happily welcome your slumps. In addition to this Alexander states you can depend on other teammates to avoid such slumps and if you want to have a fruitful baseball career.

Thus, with the correct skill, endurance and a little bit of fortune, you can overcome and beat the pitcher.

Apart from being a passionate baseball player, Alexander Potoczak is a student of Economics and is currently studying at Hamilton College. He has been accepted into Northeastern Ohio University’s College of Medicine. Besides having interest in baseball, he has interests in both finance and politics. He has also been associated with MAI Capital Management, LLC as an intern.

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