When businesses across the world are planning to transfer completely or partially their operations to the cloud, there is the predictable query of security. The business owner may have a query regarding whether the website would be safe in the cloud or if hosting the application data in the cloud make the business more susceptible to cyber-attacks or if the cloud servers have the capability of handling a DDoS attack.

Sitelock, the leading website security solution company offers complete cloud security that provides multiple levels of controls in the network infrastructure so as to offer steadiness and defense for cloud-based assets such as web applications and websites. Whether in a private or public cloud, businesses need to bring a stable DDoS protection, regulatory compliance, data safety, high obtainability in their cloud security provider. The internet is an international apparatus which not only allows innovative worldwide chances for businesses, but also generates challenges in obtainability, dependability and safety. An enhanced CDN or Content Delivery Network can offer support for all three key areas of a company’s cloud-based assets.

There are many fraudulent companies who are running scams in the name of Sitelock Scam; thus it has become extremely important for the client to choose the genuine Sitelock website solution company in order to get the best possible protection for the website. Sitelock is a website security company which is managed by the highly experienced professionals. The company has the sole aim to build the best and most reasonable cloud-based security services and technologies that each website, irrespective of platform, can choose.

Sitelock offers a vast range of services such as:

  • PCI compliance
  • TrueSpeed CDN
  • Website Scanning
  • TrueCode SAST
  • TrueShield Web App Firewall
  • Sitelock Infinity
  • Malware Removal

All these products and services and known for offering the best security facility to the business owners and customers. Here at Sitelock, the company makes the Internet work the way it should. The company can eliminate malware that has been added or uploaded to the servers and locks down the database so that it becomes impossible to hack. Business owners who work in network or have the site that functions on a blog management system such as WordPress can be made more secured with Sitelock. The business owners, who sell products and services online, can ensure that this procedure runs effortlessly and that there are no unprotected flaws that can be taken benefit of. In addition, Sitelock can also help in designing the website in order to make it more secured from the beginning.

A normal website can have hundreds of probable susceptibilities for malware injection. If search engines identify malware on the website they can blacklist the website. This in turn can hamper the reputation of the company as well as the rank in search engine.

Thus, opt for the genuine Sitelock Security protection and not Sitelock Scam services as the genuine Sitelock can offer the business owners peace of mind and prevent possible loss of revenue as well as customers.

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