Nail gun nails mainly act as fasteners that are used in different industries for holding two pieces of surface together. Also known as Paslode nails, these nails find their extensive application in woodworking, metalworking and construction. There are times, when people may get confused about which nail to choose. Both galvanised and stainless steel gun nails offer the same degree of performance. So, people think stainless steel and galvanised nails the same thing? But, there are some factors on which they are apart.

Here are some attributes which differentiate them. These are listed below:

Stainless Steel Gun Nails: These nails have different properties to make sure their wide application in different sectors and industries. These include:

No corrosion

The reason for the widespread use of stainless steel gun nails is its corrosion resistant nature. These have the corrosion resistance attribute which makes them highly demanded. Stainless steel nails come with ‘baked in’ with chromium which creates excellent rust proofing on the surface. The chromium forms a thick film on the metal surface which is why it becomes corrosion resistant. These nails are effective for use in a marine environment as these can easily resist rust. Along with this, stainless steels nails can make sure excellent holding in both wet and salty environments. For this reason, stainless steel gun nails are the most preferred choice.


One of the main reasons why stainless steel gun nails are used in huge demand is their best strength and incredible durability. The outdoor application of stainless steel gun nails is mostly recommended as these are of high strength and corrosion resistant nature. Owing to this, these gun nails provide excellent hold to the objects. If you need durability in your job, stainless steel nails are the right answer.


Easy recycling of stainless steel nails makes them so frequent to use. Stainless steel gun nails, which are also known as Paslode nails are 100% recyclable. They can be easily melted down and turned into something useful.

Perfect for carpentry works

These can be used even in various projects which are exposed to moisture and heat owing to the non-corrosive nature of stainless steel nails. These types of nails are perfect for carpentry works that have to withstand heavy weight.

Easy Welding

Another benefit of using stainless steel gun nails is that they can be easily and effectively welded in form according to the job requirement.

Galvanised Gun Nails

Less maintenance

A Galvanised gun nail is also high in demand as it lasts longer and needs less maintenance owing to its excellent zinc coating.

Toughest coating

Galvanised gun nails come with a unique & tough coating of zinc which gives outstanding resistance to erection and mechanical damage. So, if you’re after the general purpose and low moisture applications then galvanised gun nails would be fine.

Both galvanised and stainless steel gun nails have excellent properties which make them perfect for different jobs such as DIY, carpentry and many more. Above mentioned comparison can help you to choose the better option.

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