What is unit trust?

Unit trust is a pool of money given a professional manager to manage and grow in value.  The professional fund manager manages these funds collectively and pays out dividends to all the investors based on how much each of them has been able to invest. If you are looking for the best way to plan for your retirement in Malaysia, it is advisable to invest in unit trust Malaysia and you will never regret it. This investment method has what it takes to help you to live a comfortable life all your years in retirement.  It can also help you to retire early if you start the investment without delay.

After you have paid for units in unit trust, the money you have invested will be added to those of other investors  and then the total amount will be invested in line with the objectives of unit trust so that it can yield adequate profit for you  that can help you live in complete financial freedom when you retire. If your investment portfolio is China Fund, for example, the professional fund manager will put your money into as many available investment opportunities in China as possible. The beautiful thing is that you even have the liberty to choose where you want to invest your fund, which means you will have some measure of control when you invest in unit trust Malaysia.  This is one of the many factors that make this investment method one of the best you can ever come by around.

Benefits of unit trust investment

Some of the benefits of unit trust investment are highlighted below:

  • Economies of scale
  • Opportunity to tap into and benefit from inaccessible markets
  • Diversification
  • Access to professional fund management

How to apply

The application process is straightforward. If you have made up your mind to invest in unit trust Malaysia, then simply get in touch with OCBS Bank and they will put you through on how to invest and start making good money from the investment.  For one, the financial institution has several professional financial consultants waiting to talk to you about unit trust investment program.

These professional consultants will open your eyes to the benefits so that you can make the right investment decisions that will help make your retirement years a glorious one devoid of regrets. These professionals are experienced and have several years under their belt. They can therefore, direct you on the best investment plans that will suit your risk profiles and investment goals. What is more, they provide financial advice for free to all their clients.

You can visit any of the branches of OCBC Bank in Malaysia if you are in this country. If you are not in Malaysia currently but you also want to invest in unit trust Malaysia, you can give them a call and the professionals will discuss with you and guide on how to start the investment towards a comfortable and peaceful retirement years.  A good investment is the best way to make your life meaningful during retirement, and Unit Trust is the way to go.

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