When you start to fall for someone, your heart starts pounding at the sight of that person, you smile for no reason and blush when you hear their name, and you are in love. And this feeling of being in love always tries to find an escape from your heart, through your words and action. Saying “I love you” to your love for the first time, of course, sounds enticing. There is nothing like saying those three magical words to the one you wish to spend your life with. But sometimes your anxieties, shyness and other unfavourable conditions might stand in the way. It is not as easy as it sounds to speak out our heart to someone unless we know that the feelings are mutual. But anyways, keeping these feelings inside won’t help either. It might feel like something is killing you from inside. There are some ways you can express your heart and tell that special one that you are falling for her. It is always better to fail than failing to try. Girls are really good at sensing. Like they know if someone is having a bad intention for them, they will also know if you are having an inclination towards them. Sometimes, your behaviour and conduct towards that person can help you convey the message even more beautifully. Not only with words, with your gesture, body language, expression of your eyes, and even the silence can also let her know that you are having a special feeling for her. You can easily say “I love you” if you can win her heart. And with these tips, you are sure to get close to your special one’s heart:

Give attention to her

Everyone loves to get attention. If you like her, make sure you know the little details about her, what she likes, and what she doesn’t. But it should not make you look creepy or like a stalker. Just give attention to her when she talks or tells something to you. Once she knows that you care about her a lot, you are surely a step ahead towards her heart.

Do not avoid eye contact when she talks

If you are in a group, chit-chatting, and suddenly she starts talking, then you do not look here and there but look right into her eyes. She should know that you are observing her carefully. Even if she catches a single sight of you, looking somewhere else, it will leave a wrong impression on her.

Greet cheerfully

Whenever you meet her, give her a smile. Everything that starts with a smile will surely end with a positive note. If you too want her to be you’re happily ever after, then make sure you give a smile when you meet her. In fact, using a smiley in texting will make her feel that you care about her emotions.

Text back fast

Don’t think that you would seem desperate if you reply fast. Girls do love it when their messages are read and reverted back on time. Because no one likes to wait. So, do not let her wait for your response as she may be discussing something important or is in a hurry.

Give a call to ask “how are you”

Give her a call in a week or a few days to simply ask “how are you”. This simple and sober gesture will surely let her know that you have those special feelings for her. You never know, any of these calls can be that longest call ever!

Send her surprise gifts on a special occasion

Never miss to wish her on a special occasion such as her birthday, Diwali, New Year or Friendship Day. You can, in fact, pick a gift that can suit her personality to surprise her. Avail of many exciting ways to surprise your loved ones through MyFlowerApp.Com as it brings you a wide repertoire of flowers gifts and cakes. Flowers are the best of all the gifts which can be given to anyone on any day. So opt for online flower delivery even if she is out of the town. The delivery of flowers can be done in any city including Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

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