Diseases that affect the brain and the spinal cord are very harmful for the body. It can change one’s lifestyle and affect someone in every bad way possible. It is one of the deadly diseases that affect human beings. It can change the course of someone’s life and make them depressed and patients also withdraw themselves from everyone else. This is a tumour that arises from the meninges which is a membranous layer covering the spinal cord and also the brain. Wherever the tumour will grow up the symptom will also change according to the location where it is arising and that is why it becomes difficult to detect meningioma and there are times as well when the symptoms are not visible at all and this can lead to early death even. This common tumour grows slowly most of the times and gradually leads the patient towards his/her death. Because of its slow growth sometimes these symptoms are not visible. According to a study, it has been shown that it is the most common in women and also in elder patients. The chances of meningioma increase as the patient grows old. The main causes of this disease are: if the patient has undergone radiation therapy in the past, obesity, certain female hormones are also the cause of this disease, the rare disease called neurofibromatosis 2, family history of this particular disease.

If someone is suffering from meningioma, then he/she should immediately consult their doctor and they can start their treatment immediately as the cost of meningioma treatment in India is affordable for most and they get the best care facilities in India without breaking their bank. This is especially good for the families of those patients who will need a prolonged treatment and also in those patients where it has been diagnosed very early. This increases their chance of survival as well. The symptoms of this deadly disease include:

  • Headaches that are very painful and that increases as the diseases make its progress and it can be very severe in last stage patients.
  • Memory loss is another indication, but it shouldn’t be confused with Alzheimer’s disease and if something like this happens, then do visit your neurologist.
  • Seizures are common and can make someone loses control of their body.
  • Loss of smell or hearing loss is common among patients suffering from meningioma.
  • Vision problems or blurriness in the eyes are also indications of meningioma. So, don’t just ignore and think of it as a temporary eye problem.
  • Genetics can also be a major factor as it can be a major cause of meningioma and this is one such cause that human beings are unable to avoid as well.
  • Paralysis on a certain part of the body.

36% of the primary brain tumours in human beings are caused by meningioma. Mainly radiation is used to cure it, but when radiation fails, and then doctors have to resort to surgery. Scans are performed regularly to keep track of the growth of the tumour. Price of meningioma brain tumour surgery is affordable so patients shouldn’t ignore surgery as surgery is the main and primary method of curing meningioma.

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