There are various types of wedding venues out there. So, the first type of wedding venue is a hotel and all those are really good space for weddings because they are intimate and one of the most popular wedding venues. Hotels are really simple, nice and elegant tend to have a capacity for thousands of guests, it is not only very limited. But some hotels won’t allow to enter own food or decorate the whole, the way to make sure that don’t break or mark anything.

Next type of venue is a hall; it is popular for big weddings having thousands and thousands of people. The good thing about the hall is that one can do anything, bring a car or a crane. So, it is so flexible for N number of people. Next type of venue is Marquee but it’s outside and great for big weddings. Marquee is literally set off and is usually outside so it gives the feel of an outside wedding and is usually open. A section of this will be open, so one can feel the breeze and look outside especially if it is near the beach or in the garden. It is also great for intimate weddings. The next type is beach venue, which is just chairs and aisle on the beach.

There is nothing too fancy or too technical. It is one of the simplest venues to choose and weather-wise, one has to be sure to have a wedding day when it is dry season and not going to rain. Next one is castle weddings or Townhouse. Townhouse wedding is literally in hustle like buildings. They’re usually old built having an ancient feel for small to medium sized intimate weddings. If want a feel like princess, then Castle Wedding is perfect for wedding.

It’s all about the wedding venues, few things just have to bear in mind before choose weddings venue. The first factor one has to consider is size whether it is small or big. One looks for a venue that can accommodate the number of guests as expecting. Flexibility is another huge factor when a wedding venue has to be flexible which means one can bring food or drinks or bring in one’s own decor. Next factor is location and accessibility as if the religious place and venue is two hours apart, it is not going to work.

Moreover, it is important for people to be able to get to venue if people need to clean a train or cross as well on a bridge to get venue on an island in the middle of an ocean, it’s not going to work as it is like outskirts. The next thing needs to take knowledge about timings of the wedding venue when they start and shut down like for three to four hours or from 11 am to 1 pm. Some venues are strict about timings and can charge if go over. So, these factors must be considered before selecting a type of wedding venue.                       

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