The reason why pink diamonds have unique colour is due to the chemical impurities in the gemstone alongside physical abnormalities. Majority of pink diamonds come from a single place across the world, Australia. The diamonds that have a natural colour are quite expensive and they are also rare.

While purchasing a pink diamond, you should check the size of the diamond along with the intensity of its colour. By the looks of it, these are the most important factors which determine the amount that you have to pay.

How to evaluate the Pink Diamonds’ colour?


The pink diamond’s colour comprises of three significant components such as saturation, hue, as well as tone. Generally, the hue is the visible colour of the pink diamond. Nevertheless, there is a chance that there will be secondary hues of several other colours. Pink Diamond also comprises secondary hues that help in enhancing the primary colour along with the valuation of the store. On the other hand, there are also secondary hues which are responsible for detracting the colour from the primary one. Moreover, this type of hue can easily diminish the worth of a pink diamond.

There are some common undertones which are an essential part of pink diamonds such as brown, purple and orange. Among these hues, yellow & brown are less desirable whereas orange & purple are extremely desirable.

There is a very specific type of pink diamond which comes with absolutely no secondary colour, these diamonds are incredibly rare. In addition to these pink diamonds with absolutely no secondary hues are extremely expensive.


The tone is one of the peculiar characteristics which tells whether the colour of the diamond is light or is it dark. Generally, the tone of a diamond depends on your choice, mostly it is about personal preference. Nevertheless, the tone which is extremely light, as well as dark, have noticeable primary colour. People usually avoid this type of diamond rather they go for the medium-dark diamond with great hue.

As far as tone is taken into consideration, they come under the following categories, Faint Pink, Light Pink, Very Light Pink, Fancy Pink, Fancy Light Pink, among others. Additionally, the secondary colour of a pink diamond comprises of a grade. Purplish pink colour tone gives a purple undertone to the diamond.

How to evaluate the clarity of pink diamonds?

When it comes to pink diamond, the clarity of the diamond is seen the same way as colourless stones. By the looks of it, this also suggests that the particular characteristics aren’t important as the flaws of a diamond are not very much visible because of the colouring of the stone.

There is a highly likely chance that a cheaper pink diamond with lower clarity grade would look flawless to a person’s naked eye.

Cuts of Pink Diamond

When the experts evaluate pink diamonds, they usually do not examine it the same way as the colourless stones. Not many people know it, but the colour diamonds aren’t cut the same way as the diamonds with no colours.

Usually a diamond is cut in a specific way to enhance its sparkle as well as brilliance; nevertheless, this isn’t the same with a pink diamond.

When you’re out and about to buy pink diamonds, always evaluate the colour of the diamond which utilises the conventional grades. The colour of pink diamonds makes it brilliant.

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