Damp is a common issue occurring on the internal or external walls of a property and requiring immediate attention to limit its impact. Especially for people living in areas which experience plenty of rainfall, damp proofing is essential to keep their homes safe from the damaging impact of damp. Besides deteriorating the condition of the property by weakening its structure, damp can lead to the growth of mould and aggravate respiratory problems among dwellers. However, before adopting any method for damp proofing Liverpool properties, it is essential to pay attention to a few crucial aspects.

  • Identify the cause of damp

The primary cause of damp is the presence of excess water, which could occur due to leakages. Any cracks, blockages or defects in walls can serve as an ideal mean for the water to enter the property and lead to the problem of penetrating damp. If you are sure about the presence of penetrating damp in your property, then look for signs of dampness on internal, as well as external walls, to make it easier to find the actual source of leakage. Pipes and drainage should be checked for blockages caused by leaves, debris etc. Any blockage should be removed and cracks must be fixed immediately.

  • Look out for mould growth on walls

If the walls are wet or there is mould growth then condensation damp could be the reason and it occurs due to the presence of excess moisture in the property. As the moisture is not able to escape, because of lack of ventilation, it causes mould growth, as well as lead to musty smell, which can make the entire ambiance quite uncomfortable to live in. This problem can be solved to a large extent with the use of extractor fans, primarily in areas like bathrooms and kitchen.

  • Check the condition of internal walls

Carefully analyzing the condition of internal walls can prove quite helpful in determining the type of damp present in your house, as well as its underlying cause. If you notice water marks on internal walls, especially on the lower level and not rising higher than one meter, then it points towards the problem of rising damp. Clearing the exterior walls of excessive soil can help to control this problem to a large extent.

  • Consult a professional

Each type of damp requires a different method to control its growth and treat it completely. That is why it is so crucial to first of all determine the damp type and then opt for a suitable method to get rid of it as soon as possible. In case you are not sure about any of the steps, such as identifying the type of damp or choosing the most effective method for damp proofing Liverpool properties, then it is suggested to get in touch with a professional.

If you too are troubled by the presence of damp in your house, then an action should be taken to do away with it at the earliest. Equipped with required knowledge and right tools, a professional can help to eliminate this problem once and for all, without causing any further damage to the appearance or condition of your property.

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