Daycare management is an essential part for schools, parents, as well as children and it, helps in easily communicating with parents about their child and his behaviour in school. It is not only a communicating software but also helps in making a number of complicated tasks easier for staff as well as for the administrative department. It includes numerous features which are useful in different ways like managing schools supplies, staff, reports, child detailing, invoicing and many more. The best part of such software is that it also helps in uploading daycare daily report of a child to make their parents aware of their child’s activity and growth. 

If you are also running any child care business and want to invest in such software then here are some features that you should check out before implementing in your good books.

Online registration 

It is the first step that most of the parents search in every childcare management software because it is the only thing which helps in minimizing their time and energy. This feature allows you to register online from any part of the country without stepping outdoor. They only have to provide required information about their child and themselves to get registered. The best part of this feature is that your provided information is secure. It is only between you and administration and no one can access that without your permission.  

Invoicing plan

No matter whether the childcare business is big or small, everyone wants to implement an online payment facility to minimize the hassle. If you are also one of them implementing such school management software is really going to help you. Its online payment system helps the parent to make a payment whenever they feel like with the given time and from any part of the country. As the payment is made, the invoice receipt is directly sent to their apps which are accessible anytime. Moreover, these receipts can also be accessed by the administrative department as well as by teachers.    

Parent connection

This can be a perfect communicating platform for both teachers and parents. On this teachers and parents can share their reviews whenever they want in terms of child performance and behaviour. Teachers can also upload daily reports about children activities which are anytime accessible by parents. Teachers are also allowed to upload the child’s portfolios which are helping parents to memories growing moment of their child and are downloadable. 

Check pick-up and drop-off 

Most of the working parents don’t have much time to drop their child to schools and pick-up after the session gets over. It is due to this reason that most of the parents get worried about their child’s security and safety. If you are also one of them then this software is greatly going to help you. On this software, you can get detailed information about your child’s exact location along with the route map. As your child reaches the premises it starts working and ends up after your child reaches home. You can also remain updated with the live location of your child using the app.

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