Leaders are made or born is a question many have been debating about. However, the fact is leaders are created through painstaking training and effective guidance. A child does not come to this world knowing everything, mentors and teachers take it upon them to transform a novice child into tomorrow’s leader.

Douglas Reeves is a famous name in the world of leadership program. He has written many books on leadership and effective ways of making leaders. His books are especially beneficial to the young generation. The teachers, who are on the mission of creating leaders can also benefit from reading Douglas Reeves’ books.

In his books he has explained how you can use the everyday elements and turn them into a leadership program for young minds. Douglas has stated about the crucial elements like trust, focus, feedback and changes in his best-selling book From Leading to Succeeding. He has gone to great length to describe how leaders can utilize these elements to overcome their problems and the challenges they meet while leading a team.

To help young leaders, Douglas has done in-depth research about leadership. Thorough research has made his books must read for the young and aspiring professionals. They can use the development methods to turn their attitude and approach towards professional problems that arise while working.

Douglas Reeves is a respected personality in the field of education and reform. He has dedicated his life to bring changes in the school programs. In his career he has received a lot of awards for his effort to bring changes and develop a leader in everyone.

To help young people gain their desired success and career path, he has founded The Leadership and Learning Center. This organization is created and dedicated for the improvement of the student accomplishment and educational equity. By establishing a long term relationship with the school, this organization helps students and also their teachers the secret of unleashing the leaders that are hiding within.

The best thing about Leadership and Learning Center is its approach. The mentors take it upon them to implement practical approach towards student improvement. They have also introduced constructive programs to hand hold the young people and help them find their strength.

His extensive hard work with the young people for their development has earned him the Parent’s Choice Award. Additionally Douglas Reeves has been chosen for the Brock International Laureate. It is considered to be the most significant award in the education world.

When he is not busy developing leaders of tomorrow, he invests his time writing for American School Board Journal. He also writes for ASCD Express. Even though his is a successful author, his real passion is teaching.

In his career Douglas has taught students from elementary school to the doctorial level. He is a distinguished speaker. His leadership program speaking session has made a difference in lot of lives. He has not limited himself within any conventional program. If anything, he has challenged the traditional notion of leadership over and over again. He has addressed many critical issues regarding leadership.

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