Given you likely spend a fair amount of time in your home, do you have it looking truly the way you want it?

For many people, the answer to that question is likely yes. Others, however, may give a resounding no when asked for their thoughts.

Either way, you should always keep the door open for newer improvements and renovations when you have the time and money.

Whether it is redoing the bedroom or kitchen, perhaps creating a deck out on the patio, or maybe adding on a room to the back of the house, let your imagination run wild.

In doing just that, spend some time on the Internet getting ideas for what will best fit your home’s personality.

That said does your home need some furnishing 101?

Where to Start?

If you feel now is the time for a little home renovating, where exactly will you start the process?

That oftentimes will depend on your financial situation, especially if dollars are tight these days.

You don’t have to mortgage your financial future by trying to do everything all at once.

If your finances dictate that you do a room here and a project there, by all means go that route.

That said here are some typical areas to zero-in on:

  • Interior – Just about everyone wants a nice inside to come home to each and every day. If you’re thinking about interior work, bedrooms and kitchens typically get top billing. Unless you are building a home and doing the work all at one time, you don’t in most cases want to have the entire inside of your residence all torn up at one time. That said doing a room here and there tends to make more sense, especially from an economic standpoint. If you do decide on attacking the kitchen first, do it at a time of the year when things are relatively quiet. Starting a kitchen project in between Thanksgiving and Christmas would not be the best of moves. Also keep in mind your yearly travel schedule. If you usually hit the road for a couple of weeks in the summer, don’t plan on ripping the inside of your house apart and/or scheduling workers to be there;


  • Exterior – Whether you are planning on expanding your backyard, adding an in-ground swimming pool, perhaps a new patio, certain considerations have to come into mind with outdoor renovations. When it comes to the patio idea, is it time for you to entertain family and friends in the summer and beyond? If so, a nice patio in the back of your home might be just the answer. You can add Classic Teak furniture and other odds and ends to make it a patio the neighbors wish they had to show off. If a swimming pool is on your mind, think about the pros and cons of an in-ground pool versus an above-ground pool. Safety also plays a role in terms of a pool addition. If you have little children, an above-ground pool is probably a better call, lessening the chances one of them could slip and fall into the pool. You also might be thinking of turning your backyard inside out and starting all over again. If you do want more spacing for a garden, trees, shrubs etc. make sure you think about the upkeep that such additions will add to your schedule. Lastly, where you live nationwide will play a role in what you can and can’t enjoy year-round in your yard. If you live in an area prone to heavy rain, definitely look to either have an enclosed back porch or at least an awning to protect you and your furniture when outside.

Having a home you can return to each and every day that makes you smile, that is something to always look forward to.

If money is tight, do any home improvement projects one at a time, thereby avoiding a colossal bill.

Also look for efficiency as you do these projects, getting the most for your investments.

In the event your home needs some work, you can do the work yourself or hire outside professionals to handle the bulk of it.

Either way, come home to satisfaction.

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