Team building exercises are a very good thing to incorporate in any training or orientations. Being able to work as a team is a very good thing that most people need to learn about when they are stepping into their work zone. But working together might not be as easy as it sounds. There are many different tricks that you need to learn if you are to work together in a team. The best way to ensure that your workers know how to work together is by using some ideas for indoor team building exercises or activities to inculcate a sense of working together as a team.

A truth and a lie

This is one of the easiest game you can play. The whole group can play along as a whole tea. Each person will have to say a truth and a lie. The others in the group will have to decide which the truth is and which one is the lie. This is a great way to learn something about each other.

Egg drop

This is again a very fun exercise. You have to divide the group into small teams and then give them a carton of eggs and a pair of scissors. They will have to make the carton in such a way that the eggs inside it can sustain a fall of around 2 floors. Though this can be a bit messy but it is considered to be one of the best team building exercises.

Poker tower

All you will need are some poker cards and a scissor. Ask the players to build a poker tower using only these 2 things. The tallest tower wins!


This is essentially a picture game. You can either use the actual game or make up pictures of your own. The game is all about a set of 30 pictures that you need to use to make a narrative. If you do not have the game, you can always draw up some placards with some pictures and give them to the tens.

Human Knot

This is another very common but fun team building exercise. Ask around 8 to 15 players to stand in a circle with their shoulders against each other. Then ask them to form a knot that the other members in the group need to break!

These ideas for indoor team building activities are a great way to make everyone feels very comfortable with each other. You can make sure that they learn to work as a team as that ensures that all of them will be able to give their best as a team. These are some very easy exercises that you can use while you are training indoors. There are some outdoor activities that you can do as well. Some of the above ones can easily be done outside if you get some space to yourself. The best part is that through you will actually be teaching them through these exercises, the participants will be having a lot of fun while they are performing such exercises.

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