When a loved one passes away, the funeral is the last chance to say your farewells, and rather than paying a very high price for a traditional funeral, a direct cremation package will save a lot of money. You might be wondering exactly what a direct cremation involves:

  • All Administration costs
  • A Simple Coffin
  • Transportation of Deceased to the Crematorium
  • Cremation fees and Legal Papers
  • Mourning Services

Compassionate and Thoughtful

Having a cheap funeral doesn’t mean a less compassionate good bye, and with cremation, valuable land is not taken up with burial. There are many problems in the UK concerning the amount of land that is used for burial reasons, as obviously, there can be no building developments on land that is used for burial. There are low cost Funeral services in Broxbourne from an established funeral director, and their all-inclusive price is the cheapest you will find anywhere.

Big Savings

Aside from eliminating the need for a burial site, you can expect to pay less than half of the cost of a traditional funeral when you choose direct cremation, and you still have the same mourning service, which allows everyone to pay their last respects.

If a family member has just passed away, rather than paying a very high price for a traditional funeral, consider the huge savings that are available with a direct cremation funeral. All it takes to source such a funeral service is a Google search, and your deceased family member would much refer you to save money on their funeral, rather than going to the trouble of a traditional funeral.

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