Revealing the secret of the business’ success is something that most entrepreneurs would never have the willpower to confess about. Was it their dream-team of employees? Or the partners? If certain businesses found a way to discover their own niche, the way to tackle complex tasks on a massive scale without losing any points in terms of quality, the majority of business owners prefer to keep it a secret. The rest of the world decides that the mystery behind it is a mixture of pure luck and business acumen. However, the real success has nothing to do with luck.  In fact, technological progress and precision hold the key to success. In today’s hypercompetitive environment business have to find new ways to adapt and satisfy customer’s high demand. The clients become increasingly demanding as the sales cycles tend to get longer and the markets expand. The problem, which most organization have to face, is that customer satisfaction suffers from the lack of decent customer service. Since customer satisfaction is on top of the priority list in any business organization, the need to deploy an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) system has never been more transparent. So why do you need CRM application and why is it important?

Customer information is stored safely in a single database

Back in the day, simple contact management was more than enough for any company. Keeping customer contacts, addresses, documents and notes on countless spreadsheets seemed like the most efficient way to handle vast amounts of customer related data. In reality, all of these aspects were slowing the businesses down. As a result, the majority of potential clients were lost and existing customers failed to establish loyal clientele community. Luckily, in this day and age CRM apps enable companies to build a comprehensive profile on each of company’s contacts. Suitable CRM software application, like bpm’online, gives the opportunity to truly understand your client and their needs. Creating a comprehensive portrayal of your patrons using the pre-built social media integration features has never been easier. Enrich every profile with data from Facebook or Twitter and get various information on contacts and companies from social networks with the click of a mouse. Stay informed on your contacts and form constant connection with potential customers in accordance to their communication patterns.

Marketing campaigns reach their target audience

In the world of informational revolution and complete digitalization, the tools of traditional marketing have proven themselves quite fruitless. Nowadays, traditional marketing is not nearly as effective as digital options. TV commercials or radio ads, or even direct mail cannot come close to effects of digital media channel.  It only makes sense that certain CRM application software has integrated marketing tools to engage with the appointed target audience. The beauty of CRM apps is that they use complex marketing tools to address each customer individually. Based on the complete file you have on your clients, your marketing team is able to manage personalized email marketing campaigns on a completely new level. Excellent CRM applications have the ability to import all your email boxes in one environment in addition to the integration with Google and MS Exchange. That way, you will be able to send out large volumes of personalized emails, schedule events and manage trigger campaigns with surgical precision.

CRM application automates your sales processes

Your salespeople are the engine that drives your business forward. Sales reps are facing a lot of pressure on a daily basis, so it is critical for the sales representatives to focus on the sales. If you want the sales team to concentrate on the customer, CRM software is equipped with the best automation tools to make their life easier. Time-management is another extremely important aspect of productive sales process, therefore CRM app does all the heavy lifting and takes care of dreadfully time-consuming document flow management, contract, order and invoices management. But the benefits do not stop there: superior CRM application software uses various collaboration tool to turn every individual sales rep into a team-player. Your sales managers continuously become more efficient as they utilize the best guidelines for productive customer journey. Any sales strategy is instantly adjustable in accordance to your business goals. Moreover, astounding analytics identifies the most profitable customers for your sales managers to keep their focus on. Based on the previous interactions, you can predict upcoming sales and even suggest the products or services your clients will need in the future.

The opportunities that CRM applications provide for businesses are manifold and the best thing about CRM software application is that it can be applied to any industry. Every business owner who strives for success needs to multi-task and handle numerous responsibilities across various department of every company. Connecting the dots between marketing, sales and service can be a daunting job if it was not for CRM apps. Tiny startups and huge enterprises alike can appreciate the advantages of efficient CRM. For instance, superb automation systems, such as bpm’online, have become the guiding light for the companies that found themselves lost in volumes of unorganized data, for managers who lost countless sales-ready leads and for marketing teams that could not reach their audiences.

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