VLSI is a good choice if you are a fresh graduate in electronics, electrical, computer engineering or similar trade and curious about the integrated circuits and chips. With billions of transistors are integrated on a single chip, VLSI has given a large number of benefits to our daily lives. Presently, whether we are using a digital camera, cell phone, automobiles, home appliances we are dealing with VLSI. Thus, the creative youngsters who are ready to take challenging jobs in electronics or chip designing, VLSI is the best option for them. However, you must have good coding, mathematics and analytical skills. 

There are different career options in VLSI too as one person can have an interest in VLSI front-end design and verification while others find Back-end design more interesting. No matter, which option you choose, you should have good hands-on knowledge of VLSI to put your step into big organizations. For achieving practical knowledge, you must have done VLSI internships in the relevant industry. Before making any choice of doing internship in VLSI, you must be clear about different divisions of VLSI so that you can pursue your desired career and choose the appropriate organization for internship. 

VLSI Front-End Design:  VLSI Front-end designing initiates with the specification of parameters. After which, design architecture is being defined that have details about functional blocks and interface communication protocols used. Then, the micro-architecture phase starts in which implementation of multiplexers, counters, state machines and internal registers is done. The most important phase in VLSI front-end designing is RTL coding phase because here, the micro design is modelled into any hardware description language using the constructs of language such as Verilog or VHDL.

The last phase is functional verification which is the verification process of functional attributes of the design for checking the behaviour. Thus, an individual can choose to opt for verification engineer domain or can go in micro-architecture domain. However, for internships mostly interns start from RTL design engineer profile and then progress to senior positions. There are many VLSI companies in Bangalore for internship to which you can look forward to.

VLSI Back-end Design: For back-end engineers, deep knowledge of transistors, process technologies are acquired. The back-end designing begins from the logic synthesis phase and covers other stages such as placement and routing, gate-level simulation, fabrication to reach the real-time testing environment in the post-silicon validation phase. For each phase knowledge of separate tools is required such as P&R tool for the generation of standard delay file and static timing analysis tool for performing the checks. Post silicon validation is considered to be a phase for product readiness as the product is being tested in the real test environment in this phase.

Finally, when you made your mind about the right VLSI division you can find the options for related internships. To get an internship in engineering industry in India, VLSI internship in Bangalore is the first choice of students for consideration as this city is often called the IT hub of India. If you wish to apply for internships in Bangalore, you can search the relevant organizations and their interview procedure on the internet. In addition, you may also follow LinkedIn and other social websites related forums to gain knowledge about the companies which offer internships in Bangalore.  

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