Bharatpur bird sanctuary is an important national park located in Bharatpur of Rajasthan. This park holds a rich bird population, containing 230 species of birds. Thus, this reserved area is a heaven for ornithologist, who flock the park during the hibernal season. This is also an important heritage site of Rajasthan. As Palace on Wheels chooses to cover all iconic attractions of the land, the train chooses to include this bird sanctuary in its itinerary. Those who have travelled with this luxury train debate that it is best to explore Bharatpur bird sanctuary with this train, rather than choosing to scale the place, on your own. Here are the top three reasons to why.

Early morning

The best time to visit the park is very early in the morning to spot many colorful birds. As per the itinerary of the train, the travelers are taken to the park by 6 in the morning for the very first trip of the park. This ensures peaceful environment, with very less number of tourists around you. The second reason to choose early morning safari is the population of birds. The birds are easily spotted out of its nests during early morning. You can find many rare birds easily during this season.

Availability of rickshaw

There are numerous ways to scale the park like horse carriage, jeep, cycle, rickshaw and others. However, it is important to choose rickshaw, as it is the best way to enjoy the park. Horse carriage and jeep make a lot of sound, causing birds to fly away in fear. Riding on a cycle can be exhausting. Thus, rickshaw is the best option. The only problem is that there are only 125 government-approved rickshaws available in the park. If you end up in the park after all the rickshaws are gone, you might have to settle with the public rickshaws for hire, outside the park.

The government approved rickshaw drivers have years of experience in scaling the place and thus, they know which zone to choose for safari, based on the time of visit and season. The drivers are better guide than any other soul in the park. Other rickshaw drivers might not be sure about the geography and you might end up spotting a couple of common local birds alone. While travelling with the train package, every element of your tour is pre-arranged. Thus, you would be scaling the park in a government-approved rickshaw, with very less or no waiting time.

Reservation in hotel

Palace on Wheels itinerary includes a breakfast in the forest’s deluxe lodge. The demand for this lodge dining is very high, especially during winter season. Thus, tourists end up waiting in hunger for hours. While travelling with the train package, you need not worry about reservations. Every step of your vacation is pre-planned and thus, you would have enough space in the hotel for your breakfast or, you might be waiting for a very short period.

With the above three points, it is clear to say that this luxury train is the best way to scale Bharatpur bird sanctuary for a peaceful and serene vacation.

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