It is indeed amazing as to how many females actually know about their right panty and bra size. Women too often buy lingerie which is of the wrong size. It is either ill fitting or not made for her body type. While purchasing intimate wear you should always choose one that complements your body type best.

The majority of the females have specific assets with regards to their body which they wish to accentuate and at the same time hide their flaws. For instance, if you have a slight tummy, it is best to choose a lingerie that will offer support surrounding the waist. There are different forms of lingerie that can help in pulling a stomach so wearing it underneath the clothes will offer you a better appearance in the clothing overall.

For those who possess a slight tummy as well as on the lookout for sexy lingerie, can try a bikini set. She can try a lingerie teddy which is cut high towards the legs for drawing more attention to the legs while away from the middle. A loose nightgown in silk chemise style will make a female look good and also at the same time comfortable and sexy.

Females with small breasts have a couple of choices with regards to buying the finest lingerie for her. Today, manufacturers are coming up with bras of different styles with padding that will help in filling out a female figure and make her outfit appear better. Padded bras will help in lifting the breasts and offer the cleavage which she never had before. It is good to choose night gowns, bras and teddies which have a slight padding within the bra. Most importantly a woman should be aware of her cup and bra size as well. Avoid buying too large or too tight.

For those who are tall they too are spoilt for choice when it comes to buying lingerie which will flatter her figure. Women with a tall figure can afford in carrying some extra pounds easier compared to shorter females and appear attractive in flowing, long nightgowns. For those who are not tall should avoid floor length nightgowns, but try short nightgowns or those that are of mid length.

Next comes the plus sized women who are very conscious about their figure, they too have a lot of choices in hand. Today the market is flooded with lingerie which will beautifully complement a full figured woman. No matter a heavy sized woman is interested to wear undergarments or a nightgown there is an ideal style for her which will work wonders in showing off those curves and flattering her figure.

If a woman is slightly built she can try thongs or a bikini brief teamed with a bra top or a  leather camisole. Those who are slightly built will definitely wish in accenting her waist, buttocks and legs. They will wish to draw away the attention from their chest area lest they are looking for lingerie which has a padded bra.

The bottom line is in order to find the most ideal intimate wear you should first and foremost see your body and then figure out exactly what you are in favor of and desire to accent and all that you want to conceal. Purchase your intimate wear accordingly. Wearing lingerie that offers the right fit and is also sexy beneath your outfit will increase your confidence and self esteem, irrespective of the body type.

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