If you own a car that has been servicing you through many years, it could be time that it demands some tuning up services to run its usual way. Though you must be following the maintenance schedule with dedication and never missed a single appointment with your mechanic, your car can ask some more to optimize its performance ratio as well as its ability to provide you a constantly comfortable and luxurious drive, as it used to do in its earlier days. So, what are the checklist of your vehicle tuning up? What are the aspects you should never miss? The mechanical team that serves at the Hyundai dealer near Riverside suggested the following. Check them out to see, if you too thought about the same.

The Suspension

The suspension of a car is a part that keeps your car body adrift from the toughness of the road and allows you to enjoy a comfortable and smooth drive. But if this part gets damaged, not only your ride quality will deteriorate but your lane assist feature might not work the best way. If you experience any bad steering moment, you can be pretty sure that the suspension got damaged and your car is struggling to fight the road imperfections because of it. The reasons that can kill the suspension are the bites of cold weather and excessive road salt that can wreak havoc on the bushings and the rubber seals that get exposed at the areas of undercarriage. This can also cause loosening of the linkages and finally make the suspension act ineffectively.

Sensors and Radars

The modern cars are entirely dependent on the radars and sensors for their latest safety and other driver assistance features to work. These sensors are also connected with the electrical components and are connected through the connectors that can at times suffer heavily from the accumulated air salt and sometimes from freezing temperatures. Tuning up your car can’t miss out on these sensors, especially if your car has given some mis-reading or misguiding alerts.

Do not Forget the Brakes

A tuned up car is the one that is finely tuned around safety. The brakes being the first and foremost responsible part for your car safety face wear and tear more often than any other part. But that is a part you can never afford to ignore. To tune up your car, you need to check out all the brake components that can eventually rust and corrode. Also do not forget to check the rubber lines and the related seals for any leaks. They can contaminate the brake fluid as well.

Cleansing is Everything

The same group of experts at the Riverside Hyundai dealerships concluded that a well-tuned car relates a lot with a clean cabin atmosphere, but the same cleanliness is required at all the vital places that make the vehicle run. Starting from the car’s interior to the air and oil filter, from the engine compartment to the undercarriage openings, a tune up needs everything cleaned out before rust or mold take a chance to nest in.

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