Fire is necessary for heating purposes but it can create lot of havoc if it outbreaks in abnormal manners. We often come across the sad news that so and so building, business entity, hospital, bus, train or aeroplane has caught fire and resulted in losses worth millions of dollars and human lives too. That’s where fire-fighting equipment and placing the fire safety signs becomes necessary. Those thinking to buy fire escape signs must know which type suits them the most.

Mentioned hereunder are the usual warning signs related to fire. Photoluminescent by manufacture, these signs are helpful for all concerned to get out of the premises and have easy access to the fire-fighting equipment in the event of power failure during an outbreak of fire:

‘Fire Action Notice’ – The purpose of such signs is to ensure that those working or visiting the buildings must know what to do in the event of any fire. These signs are meant to facilitate the ways for escaping the place of fire and take apt actions. These pre-printed signs usually facilitate the phone numbers of the fire brigade, the exit points for leaving the building premises, the assembly points and other requisite instructions. Business entities are expected to play such Fire Action Notices almost next to every Fire Alarm call-point and at every final exit doors. All and sundry must be able to have a glance at them.

Fire Exit Signs – Small commercial premises or other such units with single escape doors need not place such signs. But these are a must for complex buildings. The visitors or even the staff in such large sized buildings may not be aware of the layout of the buildings and exit doors in the event of outbreak of sudden fires. Series of directional signs related to the escape points are necessary in case the buildings are too large.

The fire exit doors should have the ‘Fire door, keep shut’ signs. Necessary instructions with regard to operation of the door must be placed along with such signage.

The fire assembly points should be located at a considerable distance from the building premises for preventing any interference with the activities of the fire brigade. Such points must suit all, i.e. the old, young and the disabled too.

Fire-fighting equipment (location signs) – Outbreak of fire requires use of fire-fighting equipment that must be easily accessible. The occupants must know where to find and how to use the same. Occurrence of fire can be managed well with apt use of such equipment like the extinguisher or other devices. Putting the fire safety signs for the specific equipment is quite helpful in finding and using the same to control fire.

‘Warning’ and ‘Prohibition’ fire safety signs – Usually black and yellow, these signs are meant to alert the occupants. Prohibition signs generally provide ‘Do not…..’style warnings that are usually used in aggregation with the warning signs. Generally circular with a red band, these signs are meant to prevent smoking and other such activities in the areas that are prone to outbreak of fire.

Business and other entities may buy fire escape signs as per their specific needs and place the same at the required places.


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