Cat heavy equipment is most widely used by large corporations in a range of activities like construction, agriculture and mining. In construction itself, there is wide range of examples where Cat dozers have been used; highways, air and rail travel dams, canals, oil and gas pipelines, underground cables and many more. Let’s look at some of the places where Cat machines have been effectively put to good use.

  1. World war 1

Between 1914 and 1918, Cat machines were used to help troops transport troops and equipment in England, Russia and France.

  1. World war 2

In WWII, Caterpillar machines were used to produce 51000 track-type tractors.

  1. Apollo 11

Neil Armstrong landed Apollo 11 on the moon in 1969 all thanks to Cat engines used by NASA to allow communication with tracking stations around the globe.

  1. Pikes peak

The tractor first that managed a climb of 14109 feet of Pikes Peak was produced by Caterpillar.

  1. Hoover dam

At Hoover dam, Cat machines played a role in the construction of a dam 726 feet high and 1244 feet long.

  1. Golden Gate Bridge
  2. Operation Deep Freeze I, II and III

These projects in Antarctica could not have been possible without Cat equipment.

  1. Interstate Highway System

Cat machines excavated area for construction of U.S. highway system widely used today.

  1. Other roadways

Other roadways like Alaskan Highway, Pan-American Highway and super highway were made available only because of Cat machines.

  1. World Trade Center

They were significant in construction and repair of the World Trade Center.

  1. Pipelines

A number of oil and gas pipelines like ones from Houston to New York and the ones through Alpine Mountains.

  1. Olympic Games
  2. Hydro Electric Scheme

This mega project that lasted 25 years could not have been possible without Cat equipment.

  1. Inga-Shaba
  2. Chunnel

This 32-mile rail tunnel underwater was made with the assistance of Cat machines.

Thus, it is quite evident why Cat products have been useful over the centuries and will continue to be used widely. If you are looking for Cat products for your construction company, for great value cat parts go to Kep Services.

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