Changing the engine oil in your car isn’t a mammoth task. It is a quick and painless process especially when you get it done at any certified automotive service center. But even then there are many car owners who wait for some serious issues cropping up before finally agreeing to go for an oil change.

From the auto technicians who offer oil change service in Marion explained that the most common car issues they face every day can be reduced, if not fixed simply by a timely oil change. It is from them we learnt a few important things, after which our drives have become more of a breeze than a headache.

Check Engine Light

The most unnerving alert you can get at the middle of the road is the check engine alert. At times it can also come up along with a dead response of the engine that will just refuse to start after several attempts of keying it. In such cases a check engine light will illuminate your dashboard. Many times it is the clogged up, severely contaminated engine oil that stops the engine from working altogether. It happens when the smooth flow of the engine oil is hampered because of the accumulated debris that clogs up the entire system and prevents it from proper level of lubrication which is extremely necessary for the powertrain system to run.

Knocking Sound from the Engine

If a continuous knocking sound is coming from the engine, know that the system is getting dried up because of lack of lubrication. Since it is the engine oil that creates a protective barrier between all the engine parts, preventing any metal-to-metal contact leading to corrosion, the absence of it will let that happen, and the engine will make such noise for the same reason. 

Needless to say, had you replaced the engine oil in time, you wouldn’t have faced this issue. So, even now you can perform an immediate oil change to fix this issue.

Oily Smell Inside the Cabin

If your car cabin smells of stingy oil, it is a sign of oil leakage. In such cases, take your car for an inspection of the oil department and follow the advice given by them.

Smoke from the Exhaust 

Some translucent vapor will always come out of your car’s tailpipe, but if this changes to smoke, it’s time for an engine check-up. You may have faulty engine parts or an oil leak.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

In recent days if you are stopping every now and then in the pumping station, without traveling that far, then it is a serious issue you need to check on. In most cases, it happens when the engine compartment gets overheated and suffers a loss of lubrication if the engine oil gets too contaminated or has dried up below the recommended level. As per the expert’s opinion of the center of Marion oil change, a timely oil change and top up can save your car from all these troubles. So they strongly recommend the car users to follow the oil change schedule as mentioned in the user’s manual to avoid any or all of the above-said issues. 

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