Hormone testosterone plays an important role. When it comes to storing fat, development of muscle mass and triggering the drive for sex. Thus, if this hormone’s level is low, it is definitely a bad news. But, there is no need to worry now as testosterone replacement therapy can prove to be a perfect solution for such individuals.

Doctors recommend this therapy after carefully considering the causes and symptoms behind low testosterone among patients. Some of the most commonly found symptoms are low sex drive (libido), low sense of well-being, irritability, depression, lower level of concentration, hair loss, decreased muscle mass, fatigue, and erectile dysfunction.

This hormone’s level can even decline naturally among aged persons; however, this level should not go abnormally low. Sudden drop needs urgent attention medical attention.

Several forms of the treatment

There are several forms of testosterone replacement therapy. The most popular ones are injections and implants, gels, mouth patch, pills, and the skin patch.

There are a variety of testosterone gels available in the market. You need to apply this gel on your skin at least once every day and it gets absorbed through the skin. Some of them can also be applied inside the nose if prescribed by your doctor of course.

The skin patch is another most preferred option. Individuals with below normal testosterone level can apply this patch on the skin and the content gets absorbed through the skin. It is advisable to wear these patches on arms or anywhere on the upper part of the body.

 Mouth patch is a suitable option for individuals who have been advised by their doctor to opt for testosterone orally. Mouth patch consists of a tablet that easily sticks to the upper tooth. It continuously releases the hormone. You can apply this tablet on the tooth at least twice a day.

Sometimes, dietician or a doctor can recommend testosterone implants or injection to the patient, depending on the severity of the situation of course. The hormone can be implanted in the soft tissues in the form of pellets or can be injected into the recommended muscles.

The most popular and preferred option is opting for testosterone pill. Such pills are available all around the world these days. This option is not recommended for individuals, who have been advised by their doctor to go for the option that allows testosterone to dissolve in the blood directly. You can also order them online; just make sure that you buy them from a reputed portal and the one that offers to ship the item anywhere in the world.

What do experts think?

No doubt that testosterone therapy is the best treatment for individuals suffering from impaired testosterone production.

 University of California-San Diego’s researcher Karen Herbst interacted with journalists and shared her opinion about the therapy. She pointed out that majority of the men who opt for testosterone replacement therapy report positive effects.

With this therapy, individuals can expect improved sensitivity to insulin, improvement in muscle mass, bone density, sex drive and an increase in the overall energy level. Some users may also experience improvement in their mood due to testosterone replacement therapy.

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