For every working parent, the most challenging day is probably that first day at the child care Mississauga center. You child is bound to cry and cling on to you because it’s a new space. The best thing you can do is to try to ease your child into the daycare culture. A week or two’s practice should be good enough. Below are more tips that could help you with the transition.

Try to go there days in advance on what would be your regular work hours. Babies are creatures of habit, and when you’re practicing them for a long stay at a child care Mississauga center, it is best to start at the right time, on the right footing. If your work starts at 8AM, practice days before your real work day and act as if you really are off to work. During the “practice days”, linger at the child care center so your child will look at it as play time instead of a big change they will have to overcome. Don’t forget to bring comfort food or toys with you to help them into the transition. Also pack more food than your child would normally eat because babies seek comfort in food or milk. If they’re missing you, they will most probably eat more to lessen the separation anxiety. Don’t make a big fuss when you’re saying goodbye but do let your baby know that you will come back for him or her. Even babies who don’t speak yet take comfort in their mother’s reassuring voice.

Leave them when they’re full. It is absolutely not recommended for you to leave your baby at a child care Mississauga center when they’re hungry. Chances are, you will be missed much too soon because they’re hungry. Babies act on instinct and remember their mothers more then they don’t have a full tummy. It’s just so much easier to leave them with a new child care provider when they are full and content.

Stick to their regular schedule and menu. Whatever you do, do not try to transition them into child care Mississauga facilities while introducing too many changes. If they have to nap at a specific time, it is best to keep this schedule when you drop them off at the daycare center. It is also not good to introduce too many new solid foods while they are adjusting to the daycare center. Advice your child care provider about the type of foods your child likes to eat, and try to give them the napping schedules of your child as well. If there is a favorite story they like to hear before naptimes, notify your child care provider so your baby won’t feel too overwhelmed by your absence.

Explain what will happen, and ease them into the change. For older babies, it might be better to explain what child care Mississauga centers are, and why they have to go there. Even if they cannot fully express themselves yet, they could understand what you’re trying to say already, or at least get context clues from your voice. You might also want to gradually let them get used to the idea of a daycare instead of leaving them there fulltime right away. For example, if you need to leave them there the whole day, you might want to practice them first and leave them for a few hours a few days before your actual work day.

If you are looking for the best child care Mississauga, look for daycare centers that promote positive attitude towards child care and make sure their providers are trained professionals.

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