Even on the sunshine coast, swimming in an unheated pool isn’t comfortable year round. If you have a pool, installing a heating system will maximize its benefits so you don’t have to moth-ball it for nine months of the year. Rentals with a heated pool are far more popular and valuable than those without, as it’s one of the first things people look for.

Valley of the Sun

Why Heat Your Pool in Such a Warm Climate?

People have different sensitivities to cold, and what’s fine for kids gets less and less pleasant as you grow older. Moat adults prefer a temperature over 80 degrees. A heated pool means that the family can swim and enjoy poolside living together whenever the mood takes them for 9 or 10 months a year, not just between June and August when the unheated water is comfortable to all. A pool should be a pleasure, not an endurance test.

A pool is a big help in keeping fit. Water exercise is aerobic, but protects vulnerable joints from impact injury. It’s a great benefit to be able to practice a healthy exercise routine daily throughout the year, rather than just in the summer months. If the pool’s not comfortably usable for most of the year, you run the risk of losing all the benefits you worked for in the summer.

The Advantages of Solar-powered Pool Heaters

Nowadays, with the development of solar power and aqua science technology, you can heat your pool a lot more cheaply. The installation costs are a bit more than gas or electric systems but other than that, light maintenance costs are the only expense that you’ll face. Sunshine is free, and on the sunshine coast, it’s plentiful. It’s the ideal energy source for the area.

As well as being cheaper than conventional systems, solar power is of course kind to the environment, producing no harmful emissions to contribute to the global problem of climate change. It’s been estimated that by going solar you can reduce your carbon footprint by the equivalent amount to what you’d use in running a medium size car.

The popularity of solar pool heaters in Phoenix, Arizona is a testament to their economy, environmental benefits, and their effectiveness where there is so much free sunshine to take advantage of.

How Effective Are Solar Pool Heaters?

Solar pool heaters, like anything else, need to be serviced, but their durability is really good. The panels will often have a 12 year warranty, which is a much better period than what’s typically offered for traditional gas or electrically powered heaters, and the panels generally outlive their guarantees by years.

They will usually heat the pool to a temperature 10-15 degrees higher than the unheated water, so that on any day when it’s comfortable to sit outside in a swimming costume, the water will be comfortable to swim in.


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