As real estate trends go, some appear to be fleeting, while others simply linger around for a long time and aren’t called trends anymore. This is the case with a fresh look at the nature of homes that today’s shoppers are seeking. Many essential features are similar – for instance, outdoor kitchens and open floor plans. Other features such as voice-activated tech and black finishes are just emerging. Gloria Nilson & Co, an NJ real estate firm, believes that new homebuyers desire the following home features.

Layout and design

Smaller: A recent report from NAHB indicates that home size might be leveling off. Since 2016, the number of new homes with three-car garages and four bedrooms has been decreasing. Also, a survey carried out by the American Institute of Architects revealed a decreasing interest in large properties.

Open: Open-plan living is here to stay. According to Karl Champley, a master builder working with the NKBA, clear sight lines and large rooms combining the family room, dining area, and kitchen are one of the most desired home features.

Flexibility: Great space that can accommodate the changing family makeup and needs is essential to property buyers — for instance, a home office conversion into an excellent bedroom for a senior or even a yoga studio that can morph into a nursery.

Personalized home:  About a decade ago, homeowners desired to keep up with the Joneses. But today, personalization is increasingly becoming important. It won’t matter what a neighbor is doing; a new homebuyer wants a property that fits their needs.


Modern interiors: Well, transitional styles seem to be coming on strong, presenting homeowners with a chance to achieve a more modern interior look without being too edgy. The NKBA’s 2017 survey indicates that homebuyers prefer contemporary interiors.

Efficient: Though sustainability features are a niche in many regions, energy efficiency is the most popular. Buyers want Energy Star-rated windows, efficient water systems, and other features that would help them save on energy and other utility bills.

Storage: Most homebuyers intend to reduce clutter. So, property sellers should aim at providing ample storage features such as well-designed closets to make it easy for the homeowner to stash stuff out of sight.

Texture: Accents such as trendy shiplap panels or urban-inspired brick indicate a trend associated with walls with an outstanding texture.


The kitchen has always been the center of any home. Large kitchen islands remain to be the hub around which a homeowner’s daily life circulates. Therefore, property sellers should ensure there are plenty of outlets such as USB ports for charging laptops, phones, and tablets.

Many property buyers are no high with expectations regarding kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, home exteriors, bathrooms, and other spaces and features of a home. Probably they have been viewing magazine-worthy homes on TVs and that exactly what they are looking for. If you intend to sell a home, it is important for you to keep these standards in mind as you prepare to place your property in the market.

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