It is human to get worried time to time. People feel fear which is a reality. They worry for those who are near to them. However, when worrying becomes a frequent thing and when it occurs without any reason, the matter gets serious. Anxiety disorder is a common psychological problem. Yet, there are a lot of puzzling facts surrounding this concept. Some of the facts are creating barrier in getting treatment and help when it comes to anxiety disorder.

Dr. Curtis Cripe says that if you know about the myths of the disorder, you will be able to get help without getting any puzzling facts. For this reason, he has created a list of myths which you need to know and ignore in case, you are suffering from anxiety disorder. The extent of the misconception might influence your desire to get treatment.


The first myth is the concept which says anxiety is not a real problem. It’s all in the mind. It’s something people conjure. There are a lot of similar concepts. However, anxiety disorder is a real problem which people suffer from. If left without treatment it grows and eventually it turns serious. For this reason, never be misled by the it-is-not-real concept. It is real and you need to help.

There is another myth which says that anxiety comes in one form only. This is not true. There are different forms of anxiety. Panic attack is one type of anxiety disorder. Another type is phobia.

Medication is a type of treatment which can help people with anxiety disorder. However, this is not the only treatment, Dr. Curtis Cripe says. There are other treatments which can help people with anxiety disorder. Therapy is a type of treatment which helps people with anxiety disorder as well. In fact therapy helps a lot in such case. Anxiety is a mental disorder and therapy is the form of treatment which helps reducing the effect.

People eventually get used to anxiety attack is another type of misconception. No one gets used to such disorder. The continuous bouts of shortness in breath, the constant worrying over everything, make people tired of life with time. If you don’t treat it, the problem grows. If you don’t get help, you become a prisoner for life. Anxiety gives birth to depression as well. To avoid such problems, it is better to get help when there is still time.

Poor childhood commences anxiety is a concept many believe. However, this is not true. People with proper and happy childhood can suffer from anxiety disorder anytime. A poor childhood experience can lead to a lot of things including anxiety.

To make anxiety go away, you will just have to sit back and wait. This is a poor concept which might make people delay in getting help. If you sit back and wait for the anxiety to go away, it will only increase. This is not something which magically disappears. For this reason, you need to take prompt action if you are suffering from frequent anxiety disorder.

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