Women in the Victorian Age were very famous for their high sense of style and fashion. This Era has been named after one of the most famous monarchs of England- Queen Victoria. Under her reign England was known for its many achievements. Women were famous for their sense of fashion and period dresses. In fact, if you look at books written about the Victorian Age you will find that these women has a high sense of sophistication and elegance in the way they dressed. You will not only see the style and fashion trends of their dresses but you will also see their accessories high in taste and quality as well.

Understanding the unique fashion sense of the Victorian woman

Ann DeWitt is one of the few women today who is gives you an clear understanding and insight into the unique fashion sense of the Victorian woman. The Ann DeWitt Civil War records state that the women of that Era definitely wanted to step out in style no matter whatever her background and class was. The gowns were well defined and they complimented the figure of the woman graciously. The gowns that the women wore in those days has pointed and narrow waists.

The women of the Victorian Age has slender and so most of the gowns had sloping shoulders. The skirts more or less took the shape of a bell. Women wore chemises or closets that went till their knees. They wore layered petticoats that were under their gowns. In fact, this was the predominant style of the Victorian woman for a very long time. The dresses later were modified where the skirts that the woman wore became flatter in the front as they were projected at the back. These were the daytime dresses that they wore. Their evening dresses has very short sleeves and they had low necklines.

An insight into the tea gown

Tea was an important affair in the Victorian Era. The afternoon tea also was accompanied with the right gown. This gown however had no corset and was chosen by the woman for an informal evening of entertainment at home. You will get many pictures of the Victorian woman hosting a tea party with her friends. Books and paintings depict this ritual that became famous then and later was passed down to subsequent generations. The pictures of their gowns and sense of style are eye catching grabbing attention. There was another event that was famous during the Victorian Era and that was their fancy dress parties. The women were dresses that were imaginative and unique. They also wore matching accessories and had a hairdo that summed up the entire show.

The Ann DeWitt Civil War accounts also mentions the jewelry that women wore during this Era. They were unique and charming. Young women loved to flaunt their jewelry to outsiders. Their designs were so unique and exquisite that it is hard to replicate them during the modern times. The Victorian woman loved emeralds, diamonds and rubies in her unique jewelry collection.


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