Most anglers will admit that regardless of whether they are on a new lake or on a lake that makes them feel at home, the main objective of going on a fishing trip is to catch as many fish as they can. Unlike other forms of fishing, perfecting fishing techniques are the key for ensure a large catch in the case of brass fishing rather than luck. This is because brass fishing is a skilled sport and people who intend to learn this form of fishing need to prefect the relevant techniques in this form of fishing in order to increase their catch rate.

JD Dukes, a reputed and experienced angler advises beginners never to believe what other people say about brass fishing until the fishing techniques they advice such beginners actually helps them to enhance their catch rate. Moreover, it is more prudent on the part of beginners to consider brass-fishing tips as pointers rather than as an absolute guide. When going on a brass-fishing trip, an angler, regardless of whether he/she is a beginner or has the necessary experience needs to take in consideration a number of external factors. These factors include the season, weather and water temperature along with the time of the year, as they will have a catalytic affect on any fishing trip.

This reputed angler insists that beginners should always seek to prefect practical brass-fishing tactics rather than listen to people who claim to know the best brass-fishing tips. Moreover, beginners need to consider the following essential tactics while undertaking a brass-fishing trip:

  • Casting slowly

Any professional angler worth his/her salt will explain that it is important for any angler to aim longer instead of on top of the fish and repossess the lure slowly without disturbing the water and other fishes.

  • Practice

Just as it is essential for an angler to know where to cast, it equally important for him/her to practice the cast in order to catch bigger fish and enhance his/her catch rate. Perfecting sidearm along with underarm cast is essential in diverse situations particularly under cover. For beginners is important for them to practice the art of casting in their own backyard to gain proficiency before applying their skill on a lake.

  • Using the accurate and correct lure

For people intending to learn and prefect the art of brass fishing, it is essential for them to remember that a lure is simply not just a lure. It is also imperative for them to learn the feeding habits of brass to understand why it is necessary for anglers to use crankbaits in the mornings rather than grubs. Moreover, beginners should also note that the colour of the lure also has a positive or negative impact on the catch rate of the fish.

JD Dukes explains that people who intend to prefect the art of brass fishing, it is essential for them to follow the above simple brass-fishing techniques to the book before developing and prefect their own tactics in this form of fishing, which proves to be both useful and productive for them when catching brass fish

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