Music is a gift to the mankind as it does impact the emotions and stirs the soul with various feelings. Good quality music makes something in the heart of the listener as it plays with emotions and takes charge of the mind. No one in this world will hate music; they would at least like any type of music. They may hate one type of music but will love the other type that attracts them. Every person gets attracted to the type of music which treats their emotions. Music will make a man to move or react with the reactions actually the particular music is intended for. It is evident that there are different forms of music in this world from different parts. Each country, state, city and town will have unique music style and each music type will vary one from the other. Due to the different varieties of music people get attracted and get entertained. One type of music will make much impact in them and other types will not but they just like such types.

Every artist tries to create good music and the result is on the impact made by the music on people. The tune should go in to the heart and move in the mind and treat the emotion to react anything. The emotion may be blissful, pathos, or anything it may be but it should do something. Every music type has different forms and patterns and hence the artist that plays particular music or follows particular music will bring tunes and songs that follow the appropriate pattern. The pattern is very important because the slight changes in the pattern will change the type of music. Music can be called as art and moreover a language of communication that speaks directly to our heart. Among different types of music the one of the music type that is a best alternate from the usual rock pattern is called as alternative music.

Group of music artist, decades ago wanted to bring some new pattern from the usual pattern to enjoy a fresh sounding. The alternative music is an alternate sound created from the usual rock and roll music. It is known that rock and roll is one of the most liked types of music as everyone likes it. It is music type that makes everyone dance to the rhythm. The rhythm pattern and the chord arrangements of rock and roll used attract people much and everyone will get peppy mood. But later as the artists together planned and brought a change in the pattern to change the soundings which changed many music lovers to be addicted to it.

The punk music can be called as the changed or alternate music from the usual rock and roll. They changed the taste and flavour and most of the artist have started embracing this change as they liked it. The distortion and chord progressions were altered to sound fresher and different that has ever been. Soon after the change in the usual rock and roll and coined as alternative music, it made the way in to main stream music.


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