COMEDK stands for Consortium of Medical, Engineering, and dental colleges of Karnataka. It is an association that provides fair opportunities to students aspiring to go in medical, engineering and dental field. COMEDK organizes UGET which is an entrance exam for all the medical, engineering and dental colleges affiliated with it.

  • The primary aspect to appear for any exam is having all the details about it. You need to be aware of every possible information about the exam. For example, Syllabus, the pattern of the question papers, important dates, registration process, how to acquire comedk application form etc.
  • Prepare a proper schedule for studying and follow it sincerely. Take online aid if you are not able to prepare an effective timetable yourself. There are multiple options available on the internet that you can refer to.
  • Research on what guide books will serve the best in your preparation. Consult With your seniors and experts and also research online wbjee admit card. The study material plays a vital role and you must refer the most relevant books to prepare.
  • Do not panic or get nervous. Maintain your cool and stay calm. Being anxious will get negative thoughts in your mind and you will end up losing hope.
  • Make short notes for difficult topics. This will help you memorize well. You can also make notes for formulae; equations etc and keep revising them.
  • Don’t study for long hours in one stretch. This will stress your mind and body. Keep taking short breaks and relax. This is an important stress buster. Start again when you feel fresh and gain the energy required to focus.
  • Work on your weak areas and practice them as much as possible. Test yourself for everything you have studied on a particular day. Prepare short tests on all the topics covered that day. Doing so will give you a clarity about your level of understanding and you would know what topics to pay attention to.
  • The subjects involved in this test have a lot of diagrams. Practice them every day and label them properly. An explanatory diagram also serves well for a question in case you are missing out information on it theoretically in the exam.
  • Solve sample papers and question papers of the previous years. Make a note of the questions that have appeared frequently in the past years. As there might be chances of them coming again. This will also give you a clue about the pattern of the question paper.
  • Start working on your writing speed. You would not want to leave any question in the exam due to time constraint. Record the time you take to solve sample papers and improve your speed if you are unable to meet the deadline.
  • Ensure that you have enough time for revision. Revise as many times as you can. This will help you know what your improvement areas are.
  • You will be able to make it to a prestigious institute only if you put a lot of efforts to crack COMEDK UGET. Hard work is the key to success, remember that.

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