Love for Sports is one of its kinds. While some loves to watch the games on the field and take the enthusiasm as a firsthand experience, others would love to sit back at home and show their love by supporting their favorite teams under all circumstances. It is very difficult to categorize the love for Sports, and taking any attempts to forcefully categorize them is very wrongful.

Adam Rosenfeld Miami has got a different nature of love for sports, specifically football. He keeps traveling places to find out the young talents who have not even identified themselves and keep writing about them so that they come to focus. This is not his profession; this is what passion makes him do. He believes that children are not typically labeled athletes, and for many, the level of competition is wildly uneven at best until they start playing games of different types.

A particular boy or girl might be very dominant in his team in the respective Sport he plays, but until and unless he starts lighting up the high school scoreboard and getting scholarship offers for his game, there’s no faithful analysis of his talent. While some of the kids who get the opportunity to play games supported by the formal league move on and focus their efforts on other priorities, the future stars might be laying their groundwork for a career in their respective games for sure.

Hunting these new talents down and giving them the highlights is the focus of Adam. He travels at his own cost to find these talents from the farthest villages and brings them up to the forefront. One such master kid is Charlie Bontis, who might be just a nine-year-old kid, but this Canadian soccer prodigy has already made quite a few thousand views on YouTube with his skills. Even though he plays in the midfield for a soccer club in Ontario, his single season highlights were quite impressive enough to make himself prominent.

What Charlie is in football, Xin-Xue Feng is in table tennis. While he was just ten years of age in 2010, he had already made his appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to take on Barney Reed, who needs no mention. Barney was indeed struck by the easy flow and seamless performance Xin Xue showed while playing with someone who was almost five times the age and who know how much times her size may be. Had she been not in just her grade school, she would have been definitely a sensation.

Ethan Lavallee might not be as naturally gifted as the rest, but he has something else over these kids. And that’s his height. Being just 12years of age, Adam Rosenfeld Miami records him to be already 6’5” and nearing about 200 pounds. In spite of having an upper hand in basketball, he chose Hockey and moves quite fast to be a moving target.

So these names are just a few to start with. There are thousands many to mention. Love for sports would be truly justified if efforts are being made to bring these talents in focus as Adam has been doing for quite a few years.

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