Every single person on this earth loves to keep pets with themselves, to whom they could control and tame. And no doubt to tame every animal is possible, but there is an animal which is just completely troubling when you wanted to train them. Cats are usually free animals, and they cannot do as their owner wants. Instead, they just love to roam and around and enjoy their life without limitations. So you have to be really patient if you have to teach your cat to walk on a leash. No doubt cats would never like to walk on a leash like dogs or any other tamed animal, but that does not mean that it is impossible.


But if you have succeeded in doing so then no doubt this will be really beneficial for you. First of all that now you don’t have to go for a walk alone ever again. Then whenever you are in some public place with your cat, even at vet’s clinic then over there you have complete control of your cat. As collars are a symbol element for taking your pet outside, but in the case of cats this thing is not useful at all. Because if your cat ever tried to get it off then she might end up strangling herself or get neck muscles strained. So, for this reason, Cat Harness Leash Large is very useful in case of cats.

Basically, the harness is complete body cover, and it is not possible for your cat to get free herself out of it. First of all get all the measurements of your cat before you start looking for a perfect leash for your cat.

Type of Leash

Make sure that the leash you are going to purchase for your cat gets fit to her body, but not too much tight to suffocate her. If you have a fully grown cat, then there is not that much issue regarding size. But if you have a kitten then you need to check for the measurements every now and then, because kittens can grow really fast in size. So you need to change the size of the harness as well. Now the real process starts of training your cat to wear a harness which is really one big trouble. So first of all put harness near your cat’s sleeping place, so that your cat play with it and get familiar with it, and so that she could make sure that harness is not harmful to her.

Harness Training

Then start rewarding your cat for playing with harness, and make sure that in reward you should give her favourite cat food. Then in next step put the harness on your cat, but do not tighten the straps, and let your cat wear and play with it for some time. No doubt in start your cat is going to get irritated while wearing it. So whenever she gets successful to remove it from herself then put on her again and again till she gets used to it. And once she is habitual of wearing it, then tighten the straps, and you are all good to take her outside with yourself.

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