While it is accepted that a large family would be better off with a removal firm, many people could easily handle the move, with the right vehicle. A couple of able-bodied friends, cheap van rentals in Swindon and a free weekend is all it takes to relocate, and this would save you a few hundred pounds.

Local Vehicle Rentals

The local vehicle rental company would offer:

  • Prestige Cars
  • Economy Cars
  • Small Vans
  • Luton Vans
  • 5-Ton Trucks
  • Minivans

Many car rental companies offer a weekend special, when you can collect the vehicle on Friday afternoon and return it on Monday morning, which is perfect for moving house.

Family & Friends

Obviously, you will need a few able-bodied people to help with the loading and unloading, and by asking family and friends, you should be able to create a small team.

Free Packing Materials

If you are careful with your selection or van rental company, you can find one that has all the packing materials; blankets, ropes and boxes, and that usually doesn’t cost a thing. This makes the relocation that much easier, and with property tying material, your possessions will be safe during transit.

Online Solutions

Once you have decided on your moving date, you can search online for a local van rental company, who would have the perfect vehicle at affordable rates. If you can get a few friends to help, moving home is not a difficult thing to do, providing you have the right vehicle, and with a little planning, you can make the move and save a lot of money.







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