A contracts and claims manager manages building costs, building contracts and construction projects. Lisa is one such contracts and claims manager who has the ability to manage multiple projects at the same time. With more than eighteen years of experience in this industry she can handle large contracts as well as several smaller ones. She is the primary point of contact for clients, site managers and building contractors.

Lisa Dudzik is a legendary contracts and claims manager who has specialized in the field of construction projects. She has the expertise in preparing and evaluating projects, which include risk as well as opportunity identification. In addition, Lisa has the ability to act in accordance with the governance and regulatory compliance. Preparing and negotiating contract claims and counter-claims are one of her fortes. Apart from managing commercial contracts administration she has the expertise in sub contracts as well. Furthermore, she has specialization in areas like project strategy and management, including project execution and recovery plans.

Lisa states that construction projects, particularly the large-scale ones, need to be operated on stage by stage in order to get the project completed in time and with nil to negligible problems as they headway. This is why; there is a need for the key people to handle each stage of the project, including the pre-assessment stage and gross revenue once the project is finished.

Lisa Dudzik Perth is currently working with QDVC (Q.S.C) or Qatari Diar Vinci Construction which is a mutual undertaking company between Qatari Diar and Vinci Construction Grands Projets and is incorporated under the Laws of Qatar. While Qatari Diar has 51% of share Vinci Construction Grands Projets has 49% of share. Lisa works in this company as a contracts and claims manager. She is responsible for providing management and monitoring of the numerous projects in agreement with the contract terms. In addition, she interacts with the project management team and under the direction of the various project directors; she is liable for the well-timed planning of contractual papers including assessment, progress and negotiation of Amendments, Variations and Claims.

Prior joining QDVC, Lisa Dudzik has worked in Open Skies Consulting as a commercial manager and in Rio Tinto as a manager, innovation and technology. Lisa has also worked in Woodside Energy as a Commercial Contracts Manager. Her experience in the field of contract management, procurement, project planning, stakeholder management, change management has helped to become the most sought after contracts and claims manager in Perth.

Lisa Dudzik Perth in her spare times loves to explore the new places and so she has travelled to some of the renowned places of the world. She also assists people in planning itinerary and can best tips to the travellers who are travelling for the first time.

Thus, it can be said that for any queries related to construction projects, you can feel free to approach Lisa as she is always ready to assist you in any possible way.

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