It is every common man’s dream to live in a city well planned in harmony with the contemporary temperament while also serving all basic needs of human life. Urban development includes not only beautiful, affordable apartments and residential buildings. International companies, corporations, and new or old established businesses, are to be a part of the city. This would produce more job opportunities and encourage minds with fresh ideas to start up their own firm. Young minds should get training and knowledge in best educational institutes. Excellent medical centers, modern and high-end places for fun and entertainment is the need for recreation and relaxation. Above all, what is highly important is the balance of avant-garde lifestyle with touch of natural world. Garden with green and blooming colors, parks and river sites or beaches are also a necessity of city planning.

Therefore, planning a real city is much more significant and complex than constructing a city of Lego bricks. The term for a well-designed city can be “smart city”, since it requires smart planning for easy and smooth living of people. It would be absurd to construct a building anywhere. Builders and planners plan the city and streets smartly to accommodate and manage traffic created by buildings, that people still have pavements to walk on; trees and wildlife are also part of the beautiful city.

Who plans the city?

It is no one man’s job to plan a city accommodating thousands of people. A city planner works with mayor or ministers, engineers, architects, police, businesspersons and other community members. Therefore, the director of city planning is the link between all different aspects of organizing and projecting a city. However, assistant directors from the beginning of a work assist him until its end.

Assistant directors of land development are essential minds behind urban planning:

There are many roles of an assistant director of planning and development. An assistant director assists directors, prepares and supervises all the planning, checks the progress of the working sites, keeps the record and manages day-to-day operations. Blake Dettwiler, Sandy Spring’s assistant director of land development has shown remarkable skills in assisting and managing the project Morgan Falls Overlook Park. The park is picturesque, stunning, satisfying, while retaining its historical elements. He made sure to include and fit in as many programs possible.

Overall Park facilitates many recreational activities for all type of visitors. There are hiking trails, spiderlike jungle gym, 300-person open-air pavilion, four charcoal grills, picnic tables, a circa-1840s chimney and a stone fireplace centerpiece. Blake Dettwiler and his director visioned this park as a crown jewel of the city’s park system. The park offers wonderful experience with its unique features.

It is the job of a city planner to make a city livable and habitable. To design a city is very challenging, and so is generating new ideas. Urban designing is an economic, political, aesthetic and functional process. All these aspects of life should be a part of the city, and designers make sure to assimilate them in the urban planning.

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