Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday season for most families. This means gathering the entire clan, along with the kids into one house to celebrate the holidays. As any host knows, preparing a kid-friendly menu is a must if you want the night to go as smoothly as possible.

Feeding a large family is a challenge in itself, but adding in more than a handful of kids makes cooking Thanksgiving dinner extra stressful. If you are tasked with being this year’s holiday dinner host, here are a few tips to live by while prepping:

1 – Add Some Color And Creativity

It is a struggle to get kids to finish their meals, every parent knows this. An excellent trick to use this Thanksgiving is to get creative and artistic with the dishes. Add some cartoons and colourful decorations to the table and the kids will be super excited to eat!

2 – Stick To The Classics

If you want to save on prep and cooking time, stick to classic favourites. Everyone, adults, and kids love their macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy. Make these side dishes shine so you won’t have a problem with getting kids to eat.

3 – Ask Their Parents For Help

Children are notoriously picky eaters. A great way to save on time is to ask their parents for recommendations on what to prepare. At least this way you know there’s a dish that the kids are willing to try for dinner.

4 – Hire The Pros

There isn’t enough time to prepare everything from scratch before the guests arrive. An excellent strategy to keep yourself stress-free is to hire a Thanksgiving catering Fairfax VA company. They can whip up a full kid-friendly dinner that’ll be delivered to your doorstep, fresh and ready to enjoy.

5 – Sneak In Some Greens

Parents are hyper-conscious about the food their kids eat. As a way to please the parents without altering the kids, try to sneak in some veggies into the meals. There are tons of recipes that use greens as substitutes for different meals that are perfect for the occasion.

6 – Know Their Food Allergies

In the event you are planning to work with the Thanksgiving catering Fairfax VA company, you have to know any potential allergies the kids may have. No one wants to end their holiday dinner early to go to the ER for a food allergy.

Even if you’re preparing all the food yourself, taking note of all potential allergens is also the best way to go about food safety.

7 – Easy On The Dessert

Keep the desserts to a minimum if there are a lot of kids around. You don’t want to encourage a sugar rush only to leave the parents with cranky and exhausted kids soon after. A little treat is okay here and there, especially when they’re waiting for dinner to start, but skip all the sugary and processed treats.

Order from a skilled catering company or make your own Thanksgiving desserts so you can monitor the amount of sugar and additives used.

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