Often, a man’s personality is determined by his sartorial sense and a lot of men often don’t have any problem with pulling out the perfect attire. Wearing suits as well as fashion shirts with élan is not a problem for them, even pulling of daring combinations. Though not many dares do them, however, you need to stay true to a unique sense of personal style. So, what clicks of for these men when it comes to fashion? Consider these 7 rules of thumb for the same.

Tie the tie – Many of the guys don’t have to tie the tie everyday, but it is known to be a basic staple in modern man’s wardrobe stock. It is similar to tying up a shoe. Once you master it, well after that you can do it with ease. It just takes some practice and a few repetitions, however, once you get done with it, you can either get ready for an interview, funeral, wedding or any other event where you need to end up wearing a suit.

Match your tie and shirt – While you learn to tie up your tie, it is imperative that you learn to choose the perfect shirt to go with the fashion. Try mixing and matching up a little with the colors. Make sure it compliments your sweater, suit, shirt or whatever piece of clothing you choose.

Invest in a good tailor – Your hands might itch to buy a many designer shirts as well as wearing them off the rack. Try to in one or two of the highest quality shirt material and take them to a good tailor. A perfect fit is incomparable so avoid settling for clothes that aren’t quite right.

Socks – Even if you don’t go by fashion rules, socks are often meant to match the color of your pants. Well, you can bend a little and wear them in stripes and various other colors.

Know your body type – Selecting flattering clothes are pointless unless you know what suits you. Interesting as well as repetitive patters will add to the illusion of a thin torso to a bulk one i.e. if you fall into the category of overweight. You might want to go for a simple fabric and a layer which has been tailored jacket over it.

Watches – watches are known to be the singles most important accessory when it comes to the sartorial as well as fashion sense in men. Invest in one good watch that will suit your lifestyle and taste. However, if the person wants to own more than one watch, try to match it with your outfit such as a brown band with brown shoes, black band with black shoes, so on and so forth. Silver bands will go with all.

Use minimal color – There is no big deal with multicolor plaid shirts or suit jackets in bold jewel tones unless you are wearing them at the same time. Take care when it comes to jackets, shirts in neutral shades or foundation of the pants and then stick to one color item per outfit.

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