Dating in the Tech World

The hustle and bustle of everyday life is overwhelming enough for most women without adding new relationships and dating at all! Women are over %50 of the workforce according to a study completed in December of 2019, and that leaves little time for dreaded blind dates and wasted time vetting new love interests. Online dating has grown significantly, and it’s getting safer by the day with verifications, and video chatting. It has become a woman’s new best friend in meeting new love interests in this technological world, but why is that exactly?

Smartphone Convenience

Everyone is glued to their phone constantly; it’s a common necessity for almost everyone. So, the ease of creating a dating profile or an interesting love match is much more convenient than it used to be. Without having to sit down at the computer to live an online dating life, it’s much easier to maintain a constant connection whether you are just looking, or have already began connecting with someone.

No Boundaries

Dating someone internationally, or simply just long distance, used to be an uncommon experience, but in today’s world, 75% of engaged couples were once in a long distance relationship, and it was never an issue due to technology. Most single women use live video chat in order to have real time relationships with international men abroad, but tons of long distance online relationships flourish thanks to this modern day tech. You can broaden your search for love, with just a click.

No Bots

One of the most realistic reasons that single women video chat today, is for cold hard conformation that the men or women they talk to online are real. This prevents the common fear of not knowing who you’re really discussing your intimate life with from the beginning. It’s very easy to request a video chat to prove your new interest isn’t just a fraud on the other end trying to scam you!


Online dating is a genius option for the hustling era we live in. It’s as simple as picking up your phone, grabbing your laptop while you catch up on your favorite show, or a simple swiping on your smartwatch. Work around your own schedule, home life and family life, and never waste a moment of your time. Everyone understands the pressure of meetings, constantly working from your phone or home, and trying to find a moment to get one on one time with someone is difficult. Online dating helps ease the tension, and keeps you both flirty and flexible.

No More Blind Dates

Blind Dates

Absolutely no one likes a blind date! It’s not just you. Online dating allows you to narrow the playing field by selecting traits, interests, or hobbies, that you are definitely interested in without the awkward questions and interrogation! A lot of single women video chat in order to thin the herd before accepting or asking people on dates. This is definitely an added safety measure, as well.

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