We all had that experience, where one particular person is preferred among others to take care of the steering. This comes from the drive experience people have with drivers who either make you relax through the journey, or leaves you pray every moment to reach safe. A good driver is certainly the one with whom you don’t realize that driving can be dangerous as he knows how to stay away from them, in general. The golden rules they follow are many. Do you follow them too? Read on to find out.

  1. Obedience to Law

A good driver as defined by the Acura Valencia experts, certainly should be confident. But he is an obedient law follower too. He doesn’t take risks at the cost of lives. He understands and agrees to the fact that traffic rules are not made to restrain your driving thrill, rather it is to sustain them, by protecting you from dangers. That is why you get speed limit instructions only at certain zones and not all over the roads. Following them doesn’t cut down your driving chivalry but heightens it by making you trustable in the eyes of the passengers and also your fellow drivers.

  1. Where to look

Many drivers keep looking at the roads that lie immediately in front, failing to notice early enough the upcoming roundabouts, junctions, parked cars and other potential hazards. The right way of driving is to concentrate one’s gaze some point ahead, while keeping a note at the events that are closer and nearby, on either side of the way.

  1. Selective Observation

Observation is one of the most essential skills of a driver. This is a criterion that counts above all in advanced driving, and this skill develops from learning how to be selective in the matters of your observation. For example, one needs to know how to distinguish which demands an immediate action and what can be ignored.

  1. Careful Driving

A good driver can never afford to be careless. From the Acura dealer Valencia, we learned about these rules that every driver should follow:

  • Check out the blind spots using the rear-view mirrors. Whether there are vehicles behind him, a pedestrian or an animal, he cares for all with the same sincerity.
  • They should always look intently to see if there is a driver inside or a passenger who can suddenly open a door and step down on the wrong side of the road.
  • There can be pedestrians hiding behind a parked vehicle who are waiting for a chance to take a step ahead to cross the road. Hence, it becomes necessary to take a look at the visible tell-tale feet underneath the parked cars.
  • Special attention should be taken when school buses are around.
  1. Responding to Other Cars

When you drive on highways, the biggest challenge you face is the oncoming cars of the opposite direction. While driving at night, the blinding headlights don’t allow you to take a single breath of relief. A good driver in such crucial hours is the one who knows the basic rules of defensive driving. He dips down his headlights, to comfort the oncoming driver, and secures his own drive in the process. It is his responsible driving habits that make people feel safe around him.

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