It’s Summer 2018, so it’s time for the big celebrations; there is one, in particular, that takes the prominence of the year: The prom party. Surely you still have no idea of the kind of garment you should be looking for that best fits the two priorities:

  • Style

That’s why in this post we are going to help you pick the most glamorous outfit among the newest lines dedicated to Prom Dresses. Take all the time you need.

  1. The skirt as the starring role

Detailed skirts have a leading role in current prom landscape, presenting designs inspired by large volumes made of translucent fabrics. These majestic models such as the Blush Prom dress with mermaid high collar mermaid – tulle pleated skirt -, customized by the brand led by Raul Maslavi, will not go unnoticed, ideal to show off and make the room your catwalk.

  1. Lace twist

This texture will never go out of fashion, aiming to lead the Prom Dresses bets the following 2019, highlighting details in dresses such as neckline and sleeves that, combined with the other satin ideas, creating magnificent models for both the diplomas ceremony and night party surrounded by friends, music, and fun. Full lace dresses with a denser gender petticoat are also ideal for sculpted figures.

Jovani recently launched its latest collection for school festivities, and among these model models, we have found the Sleeveless Lace Party Dress With Ruby Round Neck, embellished with heat stones.

  1. Who wear the pants?

Elegant, glamorous and very cosmopolitan, pants is another one of the options for this year; can be divided with the jacket; combined with tight and flirty blouses in lace or tulle or if preferred, one-piece outfits. After taking a look at the European line, we found the Black Off the Shoulder V Neck Jumpsuit with an overskirt; It has a shiny belt on top of a high-waist cut; if you want to look classy, complete it with a loose hair-do.

  1. Combining textures

With great determination, this trend invites us to do a lot with different genres and combine textures with embroidery, prints and unicolor, as well as transparencies. Printed skirts with a full-length bodice or A-cut models with wide and light skirts are the perfect highlights for feminine power. Taking into account the colors and the length, you can wear it for any prom theme.

  1. Diversity of colors

The trends in Prom Dresses this season include a broad palette of color; after a very innovative Fashion Week worldwide, Vogue magazine made a gallery with the best proposals for 2019r. Here we summarize it in two options with many variables such as warm colors and pastels.

  • Earth colors (warm). They accentuate the beauty of all women, from the fair complexion, perfectly tanned and ravishing melanin; offering a very natural and delicate vision. For the subtlety of the color is recommended for long dresses and more striking accessories such as gold and embroidery.
  • Coral, white and blush (pastels). Although the white color is usually linked to weddings, it is a bold option for those girls who are the unapologetic center of attention. Pastel colors are also perfect to take place in outdoor events such as the after-party at your friends’ house, the beach and of course, the delicate couples’ dance.

We recommend to select a relaxed tone as bone or bathed in gray that also allow to look embroidered or silver threads creating a fascinating and stylish look to have all eyes on you. Among the most elegant alternatives that we have found, we fell in love with the Off White Nude Embellished Long Sleeve Bodice Chiffon Prom Dress by Jovani – monochromatic skirt and lace on the top.

Of course, you can always take a more in-depth look at the web pages we mentioned in this article. The dress that you choose should reflect your personality, favors your silhouette and even more important, make you feel beautiful;  enjoy your selection.

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