The significance of the time period in history started since the earth was undergoing through the phases of evolution. It is important to keep in mind that every period of time is divided into particular times, date, and other aspects of history. All of these important historical sections can be segregated to cosmological, geographical as well as history sections. Ancient history depends fully on the records of the older times, various archaeological records as well as many untold stories of the different ears.

If you go through the ancient encyclopedia, then you will find out that the ancient time period in history began from the Stonehenge, gradually, the Bronze Age, Iron Age and so on. Later on, came the modern era such as the Progressive Age and Gilded Age, but it just stayed for a few decades. Here are some of the popular time periods in ancient history that have made quite a stir.

Stone Age                                                                        

When talking of age, it refers to the bigger range of ‘prehistory’ that started from around 30,000 BC and remained till 6000 BC. In this era, people first started using different metals. Although the use of metals in this era is quite rare since people mostly utilized stone and wood, so Stone Age was all about stones and woods. This era has gained immense importance in history since the first discovery of various metals was done. You cannot get much information out of history about the Stone Age, but you can definitely find out some archaeological evidence. This evidence can surely give you ample information on Stone Age and the people or this ear.

Iron Age

This age has grave importance since this age brought a lot of economic development. A lot of different materials were used in this ear, such as iron and steel which are quite sturdy and useful metals. You will also find out that it has also witnessed a huge amount of agricultural production. The evidence of these can be found from the manuscripts that contained many religious texts and quotes from the Indian Vedas and Hebrew Bible.

Ancient Greece

The era of ancient Greece is famous for the beginning of modern democracy along with the representative government. You can also find Western Philosophy that was once found by famous thinkers like Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato. If you want to know where Western literature came into existence during that era, you can take help from some of the history books and information to know about this era.

Bronze Age

The broad period of history can only be known from the bigger historical period. During this time different cultures in Asia, Europe, and other parts of the country first began using bronze from the mining of other metals like copper and tin. Bronze gave rise to some other sturdy weapons as well as tools.

Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian civilization was first started and situated on the banks of the river Nile. Egypt has achieved success in utilizing different technologies for maximizing agricultural production.

Hence, these are some of the popular time periods in ancient history that has brought a lot of significant changes in the lives that you lead now.

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