Reading this article you will learn the most interesting things that has happened to Motorola since its foundation.

Motorola was founded in 1928. It is not necessary to say that at this time Motorola has won the popularity with many people. In addition to the fact that smartphones of this manufacturer are of a good quality, they are also cheap. It is very comfortable that you can purchase Motorola cell phones online. Well, now we move on to the most interesting facts about the company.

1. Car radio.

Do you think that Motorola is just a company which “follows the crowd” and does the same as the others do? You are wrong. In 1930, it was this company that invented the first car radio in the world. At first they were intended only for the police of the United States of America, and a little later, after it had been improved a little bit, the radio from Motorola became public.

Only ten years passed and a device from this company no longer needs to be permanently connected to the vehicle. Mobile communication became one of many trends of the company after the station SCR-300 had been announced. Did you see in the movies about the Second World War American soldiers carrying a huge box with an antenna on their backs? This is the radio from Motorola. Today, it is, of course, not a mobile device. But imagine how much the invention of radio help soldiers on the battlefield!

2. Who invented the first “mobile”?

That’s right, Motorola. Despite the fact that now the mobile devices market is ruled by very different market giants, do not forget about the founders. The world’s first mobile phone was called DynaTAC 8000x. It was released in 1983.

3. How did the name of the company appear?

As it was mentioned above, the company started its journey with releasing a car radio. And that’s why the part of the name is «Motor». If speaking about the second part of the name, according to some versions, it’s just the ending of the most popular names of that time, and so we have the name «Motorola». But it is also worth noting that the company was originally known as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation.

4. The best- selling phone of all time

Motorola lags behind such companies as Nokia and Samsung, when it comes to the best-selling devices, but it is confidently ahead of such giants as iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Motorola RAZR has been and remains the best-selling phone in the US, more than 130 million units are sold. And it should be mentioned that Motorola phone prices are not very high.

5. The first company on the Moon

Everyone knows the famous words of an American astronaut Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon. “It is a small step for a man, but a giant leap for the mankind.” These words were heard precisely due to the equipment we are speaking about.

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