With constantly advancing technology and new algorithms every day, we are often misguided to wrong information due to certain SEO mistakes made by different bloggers that are displayed in the search engines. Such mistakes can lead to wrong information and can further cause complications. Therefore, it is important that website owners, or business owners keep a check on the overall quality of their websites in order to maintain a good position in the online market.

Certain SEO companies like SEO marketing company Sydney try to rectify such mistakes, or better, try to avoid such mistakes while proofreading a blog or content. Certain SEO mistakes are common and should be avoided. Some of the most common SEO mistakes made by bloggers are stated below.

  1. Unoptimized Keyword structure:

Keyword research is a thing that should not be avoided by bloggers. If the content is good, but it is still not getting enough views, one of the reasons could be due to unoptimized keyword structure. Keywords help you to know your audience; they can predict your audience’s demand and accordingly would help you to form the content of the blog. Keywords can help in getting more views, and the blog would be recognized widely. Most of the bloggers do not focus on keyword structure, and there is no proper keyword research carried out, which further causes problems for the blog. Proper keyword research is required for any blog to attain more audience.

  1. Inconsistent internal links:

Internal linking is among the most important yet most overlooked aspects of SEO optimization. Internal links help the user to look for your website and navigate it. They can help in getting access to deeply linked websites, which could increase the crawl rate of your website. Two to three internal links in a blog can help the user in getting information from sites that are difficult to access. Internal links serve as an important factor in SEO optimization. They increase the authority through the website. One needs to do a thorough research on a site before inserting the internal link on the blog. Check for the websites that have an easy authority through which one can easily avail the information. It would help in getting more views.

  1. Poor page copy:

Content should be written for the readers. A person would only look at the content for a few seconds. If in those few seconds he/she can understand the content, then there is a high possibility that he/her would read it. If the blog has excessive knowledge or contains words that are not understandable, then a person would not read the content. A writer should write keeping in mind that the user could be of any age and that there is a possibility that the person may not understand the content. It is better to write in a simple language that would be easily understood by the user. Lastly, the whole content should be proofread and edited properly. Editing rectifies mistakes made on a blog and enhances its quality. A blog that has a weak body structure is always looked down upon. It is better to edit and proofread the article after writing.

  1. Unoptimized images and videos:

Images and videos in a blog should be of high quality and should be arranged appropriately. Unoptimized images and videos can hamper SEO optimization. All the images and videos should be converted into proper files before inserting in the blog. It is better to arrange all the videos and images into separate folders as it would not only help you in arranging it, but it would help in increasing the SEO optimization.

  1. Poor content promotion:

A blog or website with poor content is something that can drive away the users. Even if the article consists of 400 words, it should be informative and useful. There is no use of an article consisting of 2000 words without any proper information and images. A person would rather read a content that is easily understood and contains information rather than the one without any proper information. Adding a quote, having influencers writes a piece for the blog, or many such things can help in improving the quality of the content and would further help in increasing the SEO optimization.

Thus, these were common SEO mistakes made by bloggers. Though these mistakes might seem small and are often ignored by the writers, they can affect the blog or website. A blog consisting of good keyword research, proper images, good information would be preferred over the one without the above-stated features. SEO optimization holds a lot of importance while creating a blog. Moreover, a writer or blogger should keep in mind all the points even if it those points are of minimal value. It is essential to keep in mind those things if you intend to maintain an enhanced website.

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