When you own your home there are many costs associated with the upkeep of it. One of these costs is your utility bills. If you are tired of having to pay higher utility bills, there are ways you can make your home more energy efficient.

A home that is more energy efficient will not only reduce how much you pay towards your utilities but it will also contribute to reducing your role in the greenhouse effect on the environment. By making a few changes in your home you can reduce your heating and cooling expenses up to 20%.

Home Insulation

One of the first steps you want to take when making your home more energy efficient is to check your home’s insulation. In the cooler seasons, heat in your home can end up escaping through walls that are uninsulated. During the summer season, these same uninsulated walls can cause heat to enter your home. By making improvements to your homes insulation you can improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Air Sealing

There may be areas where air is entering and leaving your home that you are unaware of. When this air enters your air conditioning system or heating will no longer work at its current temperature setting. Air typically enters homes through windows doors, or gaps near home fixtures. Checking your home for any air leaks and sealing them in place will help to reduce your utility bills by improving your homes energy efficiency.

Window Replacement

One of the best ways you can cut down on any energy costs in your home is to replace old windows. Older homes with wooden or aluminum windows can be a great place for air leaks and drafts to come into your home. Replacing the windows in your home may be more than your budget allows for, but it is definitely a great investment in improving your homes efficiency.

If your budget doesn’t allow for full window replacement, getting a loan from reputable lender can give you the right amount of funds to properly update your homes energy efficiency the right way. Alternatively, if you are moving into a new home, and you are worried about your credit history, there are bad credit mortgages which can help you out.

Replace Home Siding

If you have an older home, chances are your siding needs updated. Siding now comes with foam insulation that helps to improve your homes energy efficiency. It can also give your home that updated look you’ve been wanting, and in the process enhance and increase your homes curb appeal. Insulated siding is a more cost effective solution to updating your home as it has the siding already installed between the walls, saving you money in insulation.


Making a few changes to the look and construction of your home can help to increase your homes energy efficiency and decrease your utility bills. By investing into your home, you can get a much bigger return on this investment down the road by the savings you will experience. After a few small updates to your home, you will be saving money in no time at all.

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