There always comes a time when we have saved enough to get our first car, or we have enough to trade in our current one and get another. Getting your first car after passing your driving test is a big deal but your budget restricts what you can get yourself. A new car is not a possibility right now, but a used one certainly is. The stigma associated with buying a used car is long gone and buying from a dealer now is a much better experience than before. Social media has helped in this regard as dealers want you to go away happy with your purchase and then tell other people about it.

Finding a cheap used car company in Hull should be fairly straightforward and once you find the right one with the car that you want, you can start learning bout the advantages of buying a used car.

  1. A new car loses 20 to 30 % of its value the moment it drives out of the showroom and this saving is passed onto you from the dealer. You can buy a used 1 year old car with some miles on the clock for substantially less than new.
  2. Used cars now come with dealer warranties. These used car dealers are so confident in the quality of the car that they are selling, that they will stand over the engine and gearbox and give you a short term guarantee on it.
  3. A used car comes with all the additional extras that the previous owner had to pay for. You on the other hand, get all the extras within the price quoted and you can add the ones that the car doesn’t have.

Get yourself down to your local used car dealer today and see the many bargains that are there for you.


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